Winnipeg at Calgary Game Thread- Friday October 27, 2023

Game starts in less than an hour. Like all games this weekend it is meaningless but some of you may want to watch to see how some of the backups perform.

Calgary is said to be sitting a few players although Maier is expected to start although it is unknown how long he will play. Winnipeg is sitting Collaros, Jefferson, Jeffcoat, Demski, Bighill, Alexander and Bryant. Schoen and Houston it appears are still injured. There might be more sitting.

If any of you have relatives that spent the season on the practice squad you’ll want to watch this one.

It’s always interesting to see how the backups compare. They could be tomorrow’s (or next season’s ) starters).


For anyone who saw the top 10 plays of the year in pre-game, I can’t see Damonte Coxie’s one-handed catch being better than the Janarion Grant return.

Wonder if Brady O plays much, maybe just get that 1500 yard season and let him rest?

There’s over 1,500 yards rushing!

LOL, I guess that was a little easy…maybe pull him after 2000??

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I Disagree. That catch was unreal.

Absolutely! He may never be this close again

Almost a highlite reel catch there

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Looks like a miserable night in Calgary, weather wise.

What a throw from Brown! Unfortunately incomplete but tight spiral

And the 51 yard FG kick! Where has that been all year?

And then almost a highlight reel interception

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Picked off but I think we jumped

This snow is turning the game into the Ghost Bowl

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How does Winnipeg get an automatic review while all other teams have to throw the challenge flag?

That’s what happens when you pay the League. Thought everyone else had figured it out

But joke aside I thought that was part of what the league is trying to do.

Also might have been challenged. TSN didn’t do a spectacular job there.


I thout Brady needed more than that to get to 2000.
2 milestones and just early in the game

TSN needs to take these ads down. Looks terrible on live TV with the snow.

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Crazy stuff indeed especially since here in the Hammer we currently have weather of 67 f and temps hovering around 70-75 all week . The last three nights I have walked my dog after supper wearing my shorts , tee shirt and sandals . Hopefully this weather sticks around for another 3 weeks until Grey Cup weekend (fingers crossed ):hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


I don’t know, I just watched again and the official clearly said “after automatic review”. Usually they would say “after review, the ruling is overturned”. Confusing??

Nice knockdown there by Roberson

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