Winnipeg at Calgary - Avatar Bet Game Day Thread

Almost game time!

The much troubled and maligned Winnipeg Blue Bombers are going up against the Western Division leading Calgary Stampeders. My good friend RedAndWhite made an avatar bet with me for this game. If the Bombers win he will rock a WBB avatar and if the Stamps win I'm rocking a horse.

If anybody else wants to get in on the avatar betting action just sign up below before game time.

Smart money is on the Stampeders, but I've been watching the CFL for a long time and anything can happen!

Can't wait! GO BLUE GO! Crazy odds on this game.

Looks like ya can rip up and air-mail the 2nd ticket into the nearest trash bin..... :lol: ........and the 1rst one as well :lol:
The Stamps should win this one easily by about 21-31 pts spread........after the first qtr :lol: is over!!!!

HERE...TRY IT ON.....SEE IF IT FITS!!!!! :lol: :slight_smile: :lol:

Wow already two minutes in and the bombers look like a mess. Could this team be one of the worst teams in cfl history?

Yeah I think if they could keep this game within 25 points the bombers will count it as a victory!

That Tim Hortons Amateur Football Day logo is amazing, that's not a photoshop is it?

I'll rock a Stamps jersey if somebody buys it for me, no problem.

No photoshop!!!! Beleive or not here's where I found it :lol: ... B640%3B200

Googled Images.....Bomber fan wearing Stamps colours :lol: :cowboy: and there it was :slight_smile:

Why has not Tim Burke been fired already? Winnipeg has got a lot of bad players on there team but man this team is so mismanaged from very every position on the field. And the most painful thing watching this team is that he doesn't like to gamble on any plays. What is there to lose you old bum your team sucks and ain't going anywhere this year.




Very poor call on that Sears hit. Joe West should be fined for ducking his head and putting the defensive player at risk of a concussion.

Not looking good for me!!

Watch out for timid Tim Burke here in the last minute. Take no chances for throwing it downfield lets just kill the clock and not give the bombers a chance to get back in this game!

Who do you replace him with? The good coaching candidates are available in the offseason and the team doesn't have a permanent GM yet.

Yeah Burke run that ball with 2 sec in the half. Lets try to make our stats look better at the end of the season then try to give your team a chance to win the game. Someone in the bombers organization needs to give this idiot his walking papers!

Who cares you bring in your assistant as head coach on an Interm bases,until you find the right coach. Having this bum coach the team does no good for the players that are coming back to the team. People who are underperforming in the organization need to be let go ASAP, so you can get a clearer picture for how you want to shape up the team for next year.

Not looking good????? Formal wear shirt,nice slippers,nice warm hat......On the contrary my dear mpdid.....your going to look "MARVELOUS" :rockin: :cowboy: :lol: :slight_smile:
:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy: Made it a little bigger and colourful for ya!!! :lol: :slight_smile:

Here ya go,mpid :slight_smile: just for you.....CHEERS!!!!! :thup: :thup:

and one more just to cheer ya up a bit!!!! :lol: :thup: :thup: