Winnipeg at BC Week 1 2012

Buck suprise...

Who’s the backup to Pierce?

Go Brink!

That was holding alright by West and not questionable. It was also poor play, for even if he just lowered his centre of gravity and jammed the guy a few times if he could not block him because he sucks, that would have been enough to do his part on that play.

Instead West's awful play costs his team a valuable opportunity to cut it close and set themselves up well for the second half.

Winnipeg please keep West on your team. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is going to be a sack record tonight...people are gunna eat well on puralators dime this week

So, there was some smack about the first game being boring...which it this game more exciting


You know I am going to agree with you, because I can't be the only one sick of having to see this script every damn year played out by Buck Pierce.

It's Brink's time and it's time to move on from Pierce.


Thanks Paolo, I keep looking at the mismatched colors.

Pierce almost had it to the half without an injury, who won the pool?

Not a chance. I'm surprised the score isn't larger for BC.

Let's hope the 2nd half it picks up.

Okay, if you are BC and only up by 10 against Winnipeg, it's time for Cuthbert et al to shut up about Simon's record tonight and focus on winning the game!

That last quacker on Lulay's heave was dreadful too.

I'm with depop, as this game is more of a snoozer and the prior game sure was exciting.

It was a one sided game and we will see ya in 2 wks!

That was 5440. I prefer to see some points being scored, no a low scoring NFL game (I dont mind it in the NFL though). CFL is about scoring and exciting punt returns.

I would rather see a team earn a win, not walk over a bunch of girl scouts...but we see if sk is any good in 2 wks...should be fun!

It was great through halftime, and what does the BC vs Rider game in 2 weeks have to do with anything I or anyone else has said here?

BC has started slower than I expected, but credit the Bomber D. Pierce is getting crushed

I hope it's okay to say something highly positive about the pair of doubles on those two Felions. :slight_smile:

Who's the backup for Brink?


Now we got a game :smiley:

Joey Elliot