Winnipeg at BC Week 1 2012

Maybe. I though the same about that dressler catch that the hit the ground and ended in a TD in that boring game that preceeded this one.

Okay, u guys probably know better then me. Why don't Dlinemen chasing from behind, a player they know they can't catch, luge at there feet as a last try? Nothing to lose by doing this, it also may distract the runner (this case Lulay) and give time for another guy to tackle him. I always hit the trailing foot as it was raised, into the back of the lead leg.

BC D-line is looking good. :thup:

It's better to keep your feet in case the player cuts back on the play, but of course if the faster player is headed for the goal line, I agree with you because there is nothing to lose and a touchdown to stop.

Bombers are getting great preassure on Lulay

Good kick Paully

All right, I'm gonna have to miss the end of this game. Gotta go to a going-away party. I ask you, who throws a going-away party on CFL opening night. :lol:


Calgary for Henry Burris?

But wasted... 3 is ok, but the Bombers need to shake the rust off.

You know, those Bombers jerseys would look cool if the gold were bolder and matched the helmet instead of the current shade of panty hose.

I think they look great even though at first I hated them, but yeah there is a mismatch between them and the helmets.

Winnipeg hired the CEOs brother-in-law to spray paint the helmets. He saved some bucks by using his own shade of gold!! Come on those bums in Winnipeg know nothing about colour coordinating.

Bye the way. The Riders are officially the best team in the CFL right now!! :twisted:

Rust? Thats about how they played in the 1st quarter all last year.

Very true

It's hard to believe halfway through the second quarter that it's only 10-3, but that Winnipeg defence seems to be playing last year's style.

The Winnipeg offence sucks as it did last year, but if that defence keeps it close they live to fight another quarter.

BC better score at least six more before the half or beware.

Anyone know whatever happened to FYB? Did he go on a long holiday? I am surprised he's not here stirring it up as usual.

BC O line is stalling a bit, but Winni D looks tough

I notice him lurking around from time to time.