Winnipeg at BC Week 1 2012

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Same link works ...TSN feed on ESPN UK great is this a double-header! :rockin:

Come on, BC. Don't disappoint me like the other felion team. :x

BC is definately the team to beat

Well I'm hoping for a better start from BC this year...with the same finish!

Hurry up out of the gate. I like it. This is a talented secondary...keep em off tilt

Let's go Geroy!!

Chief, come on man. I thought we were buddies. Ride the lightning, son.


Big Geroy Simon is out there...should happen towards the end of the 1st Quarter?

Okay this time I agree with u, though I hate Winnipeg.

Lighting crashes in to the ground right? Not a great ride man!

Sorry, man, I picked BC in the pool. I'm obligated to cheer for them. I just hope this game isn't another blowout. That'd make for a pretty boring opening night.

DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO :stuck_out_tongue:

Winnipeg D not looking too good...

Not the best but 100X better the Ticats..

LOL, mpdid u ride what u want too. I'm just pointing out a major safety issue :wink:

That's not really saying anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it was the camera angle, but it did look like they gave Geroy a generous spot. Eh.

Opening drive ends with a like.

Touchdown Lulay before it hit the cone and the knee hit the ground! The ball broke the plane of the goal line before the ball hit that cone or the knee hit the ground. Lulay sure has wheels too!

If they did it was by inches. He caught it and got pushed back.

Yup; right on X 2