Winnipeg at Alouettes

second half 14-10 bombers

is anyone else peeved off that this is ONLY on RDS.....i wanted to watch this game, and can't find anyone who has i have to keep checkin the net for the scores....ARRRRGGGG

Listen to the Als english radio broadcast at

Half time score is Winnipeg 17 Montreal 14 Ugggg!!!!

should of been 23..14, oh well...GoBombers

daily you knob, take the points in the first half..if you do not have confidence in your kicker ...get your buddy Tamon , to remove him

TD Montreal! Montreal 21 Winnipeg 17

Winnipeg have not done a lot offensively this game but scored 2 td's off turnovers

Man I love this RDS, where but the CFL you can watch a game in French, that's nothing but good old fashion Candian content....

I love RDS too, I get every Als game and all 80 Canadiens games, Woohoo!!!!!!!!

ok a field goal 21-20 montreal ahead by 1

I here they play alot of the hab's games...can't wait to chher against La Canadians..

Montreal 21 Winnipeg 20

oh ya go blue!!!!!!!

Gooooooo Boooombers

GO JETS!!!!!!

ohh the Jet’s…yes let’s go Jet’s…we could only wish…

touchdown montreal....

TD Montreal! Cavillo to Kerry Watkins 26 yards

Montreal 28 Winnipeg 20

Start of the 4th quarter.
So far 525 yards offense Montreal and 295 Winnipeg 3 turnovers each

She's a crazy game alright...Go Bomber's

als touchdown again....35-20 Ben Cahoon