Winnipeg and Totronto playing well

HEY Marcel ,

I hope you are watching how the Argos are handling the ALS today . Calvillo is being constantly pressured and cannot get into any rythem . Winnipeg is also playing well . We are not going to be able to back into the playoffs and tonights game is the best tiem to start our push.

Argos really handled the Als :roll:


this was a very close game until late . It was 14- 8 until late and CALVILLO was getting pressured and frustrated all day ..but Colbourne did get injured

Greg Marshall should study the Argo D films: they kept Calvillo off balance most of the game.

Toronto was able to get great pressure with their front four. That has as much to do with their talent as with scheme. Without having to blitz 24/7 to get pressure, you can mix your zones with extra defenders. The Cats have to hope that Adams and McIntyre can join the d-line rotation so all hand are on deck come playoff time. We have good potential on that unit.

Oski Wee Wee,


Didn't see the game today, but it does sound like the Argos D played well, and their offense let them down. The same story we have been hearing for a couple of years.

Interesting to hear that Colbourne went down to injury. He was a key part to the Als win last week. I don't know when he went down, but taking him out of the game would certainly help the defense.