Winnipeg and Montreal make a trade

The Als sent O'Neil Wilson to Winnipeg for LB Cory Hucklack.

What can you Bombers tell me about Hucklack? I've never heard of him.

In Wilson you are getting a Canadian receiver with considerable upside I do believe. He hasn't exactly lit things up so far in his short career, but he does have some talent, has good height, and isn't afraid to come across the middle and make a catch in traffic. In Montreal I think he was used out of position at WR most of the time; I think you could make him into a good slotback, maybe not first string but certainly in a 5 receiver set he could be quite useful to you.

....we're sure loading up in the receiver dept. ..MadJack.....seems we made a good trade to get another looks as though we will be going with a 5 receiver set...but someone is going to get the axe after tc.....could be Stoddard....Hucklack has good potential as well....we're pretty deep in the LB dept.... he was expendable...he's a development as far as the trade goes ...i would say we got the starter in Wilson....we are assembling 'weapons of pass destruction' this year MadJack....looking good.... :thup: :rockin:

I don't doubt that you got the better of the deal....but something seems amiss to me; Taman besting Popp in a straight up trade? Doesn't seem right, does it?

You may now be deep at receiver, but now so are we at LB. Even though we've cut Butler loose, we still have Mackey and Ellis in the middle, with Strickland, Carter, Grace, and Taylor to man the outside. Where this Hucklack can possibly fit in is a mystery to me.

Huclack is a CIS grad this year, he spent the 2006 season with the U of M Bisons I beleive.

Huclack will likely replace carter.

Stoddard should be sticking with the blue.
It's between all the NI's to get the 5th Receiver spot and a spot on the DR.

the 4th Spot is Franklins likely. It would be great to see 3 NI's starting for the Bombers.

MJ, Huclack will be a good one for you after a couple years of seasoning. The Bombers are deep at NI linebacker. Some have speculated Huclack could be in the mode of Coe in Calgary given a couple years of development. A good move for the future by Popp.