Winnipeg acquires kicker Castillo in trade with Lions

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have acquired American kicker Sergio Castillo in a trade with the BC Lions, in exchange for a conditional fourth round selection in the 2022 CFL Draft.

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It's starting to looks like a big shinny :trophy:


The one area of concern for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, just got a whole lot better with the trade of Sergio Castillo for a 4th round pick in the 2022 draft, from the B.C. Lions. Well done again Kyle Walters. :kissing_heart:


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The Bombers have taken care of one of two problems. Now, they have to address the possibility, let's hope it doesn't happen, that Collaros gets injured.

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Why is worrying about Collaros getting injured a problem?
They have a great running game and good receivers.
With a team like that the backup could get them through.
The Bombers can wrap up first place this week and should rest Collaros and see what the backups can do.


Whatever happened to Medlock? He was money in the bank.

All true, defense & a running game usually wins, especially in cold weather & poor field conditions.
But a reasonable down field threat increases your chances to free up the run.

Now with our upgrade on special teams Re: PK Sergio Castillo on board.

A third QB with CFL game time experience in house is just a nice piece of insurance.

Why wouldn't you want to build the best possible chance of winning.

That's only reasonable isn't it.

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Bombers needed a kicker, and hopefully the League gets rid of the stupid Global initiative. What a joke it along with Ambrosie are.

Why would you say that about ambrosie when he makes every team in CFL have a salary cap except for your Argos


He retired

Seems a shame, he was still at the top of his game. I'm sure he still had several good years in him, kickers can last forever, just ask Paul McCallum, Adam Vinatieri, or Lui Passaglia, who all played well into their 40's.

As I said in another discussion, trade for Shiltz in MTL for a backup as soon as he is available now that he is effectively out when Adams is healthy. Shouldn't cost them more than a bag of footballs and a couple of beautiful Bombers jerseys.

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It looks like the Lions have given up on winning the Cup this year and are planning for next year… at least they have a plan.

A big part of this deal is Castillo can’t play this weekend… but this might bite them in the ass come the Western Final.

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Jon, go ahead make the trade, I'm sure Winnipeg, Montreal, Schilz will agree to whatever you present.

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I don't follow. What could the Lions possibly have to do with the Western Final? Are they planning on coming to Winnipeg to be their practice squad before the Bombers play the Western Semi-Final winner?


Trade deadline is Oct 27? Als aren't trading Shiltz this year. Why? Isn't McGuire good enough? Bombers have a big advantage in West Final as West teams with unvaccinated players have to bus them there. But, depending on who is still unvaxed in Winnipeg, good luck busing them to Hamilton for the Grey Cup. Better get those needles boys. Lots of unknowns in this year's playoffs.

Lions aren't giving up. They're still in the hunt. They're just not good enough. Zero run game, can't pass block.

Oct 27? Als aren't trading Shiltz this year. Why? Isn't McGuire good enough?

Don't know, Unproven for sure.

depending on who is still unvaxed in Winnipeg, good luck busing them to Hamilton for the Grey Cup.

I don't believe bussing players will be allowed across provincial boarders. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Nevertheless players who want to play throughout the season best make a decision soon.

Otherwise suffer the consequences. This year and going forward, I'm sure nobody will be employed next season if they can't travel without restrictions

Bussing is not an option for playoffs or the Grey Cup, unless the whole team is bussing. The CFL says that any players who can’t travel WITH the team will be automatically be put on a suspended list and not paid for any games they miss while on it.