WINNIPEG 27.....SASK....23

In yet another high scoring come back win , WINNIPEG come backs to beat SASK. 27 to 23 :thup:

STEGALL just needs 2 more T.D.s to tie the T.D. record as he got 1 T.D. today. :thup:


I go 3 for 3 in the picks this week. :thup:

Cngrats. to the Bombers! even though they ruined me in the V.G.C.C. They played awsome! and deserved the win.

Good on the Bombers - they played like they wanted the win this afternoon.

That's more than I can say for the Riders.....

It will be quite a race to the finish for 3 teams in the WEST and for 3 teams in the EAST.

ALL should be very close!

Just the way we like the CFL!!! :thup:


See the Blue Bombers fly up, up!
To win the Grey Cup.
Our boys who play this grand old game,
Are always striving for glory and fame!
See the blue bombers fly up, up,
The other teams they don't fear,
They all try their best,
But they can't contest,
As the bombers fly up!

funny, the scores today are the same as the EPT scores that the WPG/EDM game were a few months ago!

…idiot song before, idiot song now…

Nice win for the Big Blue!!
A very upset Stamps team awaits next!

Idiot song next time as well

.....very true....Here is KK's song for next week....

See the Blue Bombers f@%# up, up!
Troy can't find his cup.
Our boys who fail this grand old game,
Are ALWAYS striving for glory and fame!
See the blue bombers f@%# up, up,
The other teams don't have a fear,
They all try their best,
To stifle laughs and jests,
As the bombers f@%# up!

(Sorry, couldn't resist)

Congrats to the Bombers, it was a good game , and nice crowd to boot. Hopefully I can make it to the BBIV!

Don't expect an easy win for your Stamps this Friday. The Bombers have got themselves back on the good side. Go Blue! We're back and this win today definitely helps.

oh! I’ll use that at the next Essendon/Hawthron game I attend. :lol:

BTW, their song goes like this.

We’re a happy team at Hawthorn
We’re the Mighty Fighting Hawks.
We love our Club, and we play to win,
Riding the bumps with a grin (at Hawthorn).
Come what may, you’ll find us striving
Team work is the thing that talks,
One for all and all for one
Is the way we play at Hawthorn.
We are the Mighty Fighting Hawks.


I'll be retuning it for next season. :thup:

Cl^9ose game...