Winnipeg 06 GC logo

Well boys, what do you think?

I think it's very nice! I had my own design but I let you guys design since this is Canada's league and I must say, It's alot better than what I could have done.

Here is the Logo;

looks pretty good!

I can't want untill after the 2006 GC to buy a hat with that logo! :smiley:

that is some kick a$$ Shit

I think that it looks's just the Buffalo that kills me. I'm just sick of being known for Buffalo in Manitoba I guess.

I think there should be a big portrait of Milt on it then it should be

How about the dance team/ Theres a picture worth keeping!

Seriously though...Pretty good job!

No offence, but the buffalo arms on the Manitoba flag are the only great thing about it, the rest looks like the Bermuda flag or the Australia one, and you know how I feel about that!

lol yeah, it just seems like they set the logo up like the Renegades logo with the text in front and the flag in the background.

Here. Stegall’s on and no bison. Everyone’s happy. Anybody want to notify the CFL of the new design? :slight_smile:

lmao thats awesome! :lol:


BTW, they neeed to add French text to the logo methinks.

responding to yourself again, eh kanaga?

I just wanted to post the French logo, and the Van one because it combines both thoges, like the Winnie one should.