Winning the Grey Cup is necessary for this team

Agree with me?

if we win the Grey Cup for the 2nd time in 3 seasons, it would really help eliminate a lot of the jokes from fans that say we only win the Cup every 18 years or so..

We need to become a team that challenges every year, no more jokes and laughs on our expense!

No it isn't neccesary. Anyone who takes that kind of ribbing seriously, needs to get a thicker skin. And anyone who uses that type of ribbing needs to get better material.

it wont matter if they win there will always be someone out there that says they got lucky or it was because of bad calls, there will always be and excuse, I been hearing it for years even with watching Hockey. Riders win and Rider Nation grows stronger :slight_smile:

yeah, too many football fans out there that keep falling on the past...

can't stick with the present!

Heh! your telling me

Personally, I love to be hated! Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Myself included!!! Other fans can't accept that SSK is a bonafide contender!!! Learn to cope non Rider fans, cause i think SSK is in for some time in the sun!!!! Double D will soon be the premier face like AC and Ricky Ray before him, on top of the team we have already, we're looking pretty good!!!

Would be awesome to win and I think we have a great chance but I don't see a big respect angle. We're the ENVY of the league!! 31k soldout every time and half empty stadiums in the big cities says it all. GO RIDERS!!!!