Winning is everything.

I know everyone on these forums, for that matter every Ticat fan everywhere, is frustrated and disappointed with our record over the last three seasons.

But you have no idea what frustration and disappointment is. The whole Ticat organization has been focused on one thing, namely winning, and we have not succeeded.

And with all the changes there really is only one person who can be blamed for our sorry record and that person is yours truly.

The are two signs of hope: One is I'm a lot better educated today than I was four years ago about running a professional sports team.

And the other is I'm a lot more fed up with the losing than any of you are.

I have not been as active on these forums as I used to be and I don't expect to be as active in future. Every minute I spend posting here is a minute I'm not spending helping figure out how to ensure we win in 2008. I will post from time to time, but don't expect to see posts from me regularly.

All you should expect from me and the Ticats is a more successful football team in future.

Cheers, Bob.

Bob you can start by hiring a new GM !

Thanks bob for not bailing on this team. And I think the first step to moving in the right direction would be to stay as far away from the idea's flying around on this forum as possible, especially mine, except for this one lol.

If Mr. Young says he's focused on making this team a winner, that's all we can ask for.

I think you have done well. yes a few missteps along the way but you are learning. As you said in the beginning of this adventure pick good football people and let them do what it takes. keep Charlie and Marcel. they are also smart people and learn from their mistakes. Thanks for stepping up and being involved.
p.s. fix the officiating

Eight weeks of silence broken to tell me I want more of your dough.We won't be hearing as much from him because he is busy seeking to fix the team,I thought he was going to be a hands off ownert who knew nothing of football.If you have more dough do you promise to spend to the cap? can you promise me six wins? If not don,t ask me to spend my money to help an organization whose costs fell this season.

Don't worry Bob, I imagine your not feeling too great, but a lot of the elements are in place for a good season next year. Don't blow up the team over the offseason this year, just tweak it.

George from last night's Fifth Quarter?

I can only say one thing.

If you really want to fix this team. Satrt by giuving Desjardins (yes I said Desjardins) and Taaffe, the resources now to hire the right people for the coaching staff.

Firing Either Marcel, or Charlie or both will be another step in the wrong direction and seriously hamper the teams ability to bring in quality people.

What Gm or coach would want to come to a team that will only give you one off season, and a season to succeed.

it's not saying we only give them a season to turn the team around, marcel made some terrible trades this year, and then just sat back and coasted on them... we need someone with better knowledge of the game

and I say keep charlie around he knows his stuff... but can't win a grey cup with the lack of experience this team had

Hey Mr. Bob Thank you!

At the end of the day your still the man of this team and with that being said, Keep your head up. 2008 will be the year of the tiger.

I'm sorry, now that you are going to try harder to put a winner on the field, I was mistaken about being upset over the ticket prices being raised. All is forgotten now that you admit you have made some mistakes. I'm sorry,I should never have been upset about the possibility of ticket prices increasing, that wasn't fair. After all, you are going to try better, so I should pay more to help. I have been so selfish, paying for my tickets, going to the games, being ridiculed and then empathized with at work, family functions, and parties. I have been so neglectful of the organization. I am ashamed of my behaviour, to think that for the contribution I have made, I should get something back, well, my selfishness clearly knows no end.I have been a bad, bad fan,I deserve to be punished, so raise my ticket price for next year, and let it be known that I am so sorry in doubting the team and the honourable intentions of its owner..

Marcel did so because some of the players he traded had inflated salaries that make them harder to trade. When you actually rebuild a team (this is the first season to started to do it the right way) you need more than one off season. Sure he made some bad trades, but a few at the time seemed to be decent and didn't pan out. He did however bring in some very talented players, Moreno, Setta, Caulley, Printers. You have to give a GM more than one offseason.

Like I said earlier, if Marcel is fired, how many GM's are relly going to want to come to a team that doesn't give them an opportunity to succeed.

If Marcel is fired (and I still hope he is) it will be partially because of the attitude around this time, look at the players he removed and how he did it. Its obvious the players were afraid to go to work because the axe can come down at any point, did anyone ever see the guy even smile?

Is that what Bob is trying to build here?

What do expect the owner to say? The past is the past and the future is yet to play out. You’re no more obligated to buy tickets next year than you were this year. So just what could he say that would make any difference to you at this stage.

I’m sure that it took a lot of courage to come on this forum but…well done Bob, you’re a stand up guy but I hope you are not reading any messages after yours.
I would not want to be Bob when he is at a social event with his peers or even at a league owners meeting. I bet there is some remarks and snide looks. It must be a very humbling experience, I just hope that Bob keeps the faith, probably will if there is enough support.

Blah blah blah blah samething after every losing season werent you more educated after the first losing season and the season after that and the one after that or so you said some how the more “educated” you get the worse this team is. I’m tired of hearing these speeches now its time show us your serious not just say it

how is starting all over AGAIN going to help?

year 1, blow up everything.
year 2, is where we see what marcel is made of and where he plans on taking this team.

I agree,
Merlin (another "baldy")

Thanx Bob. IMO we have some great young players who will show a vast improvement next year.