Winning Doesn't Matter"???

"We were committed to running the ball,said coach Marcel Bellefeuille." "IT DIDN'T MATTER WHETHER WE WON THE FOOTBALL GAME" !! Now that's some statement made by a head coach...looking after EGOS and STATS instead of doing whatever it takes to win a game...sure it happened to work THIS time but a head coach's job is ONLY to win games however, whenever he can...I don't care if he calls on the Viking Gods to do it ,as long as he wins....What a highschool statement...and committments...well a GOOD coach should be able to change his game plans on a dine, adapt and execute...ones that can't or won't has no place in professional football...or try the NFL.

where did he say this...

Great example of what is going on here.

Many people seem to only understand english in a literal way. Inflection in voice or using words or terms to shape a point is lost on most people.

relic7 needs to work on his/her comprehension skills.

Akin to "who cares where they build the stadium, it could be on a floating barge in the middle of Lake Ontario for all I care." :wink:

I believe he meant that they were going to impose their will on the Lions. Make the Lions adjust to our game plan. If you thought for one minute that winning didn't matter here, you are wrong. He was making a statement about making a statement.

"TSN"...The Canadian Press..9/19/2010 ,2:54:28 A.M....Form header: "TiCats score 19 points in fourth to stun lions"...and a little note for "zenstate"...."comprehension skills???"...this is football not gammer school...score touchdowns not literature brownie points...I don't care anything about trying to decrypt,decipher or decode a coach's don't come out with a statement like that...there is no room for the slightest hint of NOT winning a game....we all don't have "Mr.zenstate's" insight of reading Marcel's inner meanings so I guess he will have to speak clearer to us ordinary fans.

No offence, but the meaning behind MB's comments was pretty clear to me...I don't think that he was literally suggesting for a second that he did not want to win the game!

Perhaps this is a case of "taken out of context". :wink:

What was said prior and what was said as a follow up.

I wasn't there and honestly, I don't care what was said as long as we we win. :lol:

Good thing this isn't GRAMMAR school, or you'd have just failed my friend.

Why should he speak clearer ? This isn't grammar school after all. . .

MadJack, if it were grammar school, we would have him speak 'more clearly', not 'clearer'.

Remember? We need an adverb, not an adjective.

From Wilf's second lesson in English Grammar 101 - Professor Wilf TigerCat residing. :wink:

Darn it, you beat me to it. :smiley:

For emphasis, "more clearerly".


Well done Wilf my friend !!

By the way, it wasn't my wording, I was quoting what the other poster had written. . .

I realized that you were quoting, Jack. BUT, you had an opportunity to dispense some erudition, and you chose not to take advantage of that. How are we ever to educate the illiterate masses if we pass up these golden opportunities?

NOTE: Sarcasm. Please don't jump all over me!

I guess you were learned, MJ lol

Wilf, you could have saved yourself some typing time on the disclaimer by simply putting in the wink emoticon.

Which is what I should have done as well. . . or put the "Clearer" in quotation marks. LIve and learn, nothing wrong with that !!

~Banshee~, You know perfectly well that I have been retired for 18 years. Spending time typing is one of the few joys left to me.

You also know, from way back, my feeling about emoticons versus proper use of our language skills.

And most inportantly, I know that you are just indulging in a little banter between friends, All is forgiven!

or emphasis, "more clearerly".

I like this takes care of both...I've never run into scholars like you guys on a "football site" before...I quickly have my little rant and have never worried about spelling nor actual grammer rules...who cares...lets keep it to talking football...far more fun...thanks for the chat guys!