winnie the pooh football league team names

wpg pooh bears
ott robins (after Christopher)
ham tiggers
tor piglets
mont owls
sask rough rabbits
ed eeyores
cal stampeding kangas
BC leaping roos


Add one for the Schooners.

Halifax Heffalumps

don't encourage him please lol

works for me :slight_smile:

i mean if we're gonna go with this, at least follow Saskatchewan tradition and call the team the Ro Bins

which is worse, this light hearted thread, or more threads bitchin about whatever.

If you go with the Disney-based franchise, there is the narrator who has no real name - Baltimore 1994 :stuck_out_tongue:

11th team coming to a league near you

Whitehorse woozles

Don't know where you got this idea FYB but I thought of this years ago when I realized Winnie the Pooh was named after a bear from Winnipeg.You can ask my wife. I linked the CFL to Winnie and friends to interest my young sons. My list;

Winnipeg- Winnie of course
Tor-Piglet, very fitting
Ham.- what else but Tigger
Sask-Eeyore, back then always in the dumps

Nowadays Winnie the Pooh is a perfect name for the Bombers.

I often think of tigger when I think of the ti-cats. It just sort of went from there today.

wpg and ham are obvious.

I thought changing als to owls made sense for mont

Ott Robins works of the R on their helmet, although I guess I could be rough robins :slight_smile:

Sask should actually be roughrabbits.

the EE of eeyore made sense for Edmonton

The rest was a stretch

for Cal, at least I got some version of stampede in.

for BC, the best I could do was work in a L. roos do leap don't they? :slight_smile:

That left tor with piglet. Couldn't figure a way to tie it in with argos.


Kessie the bird for Mont. when it did exist.... Mont. wasn't always there.

I would expect this kind of thread to show up in mid March, when we're all dying for news, sandwiched between threads about how the league NEEDS a video game NOW to survive and how expansion to Halifax is right around the corner. :?

I'm a Bomber fan. Do I have to say more ?

Sadly, still better than REDBLACKS. :frowning:

Absolutely not, and I'm participating anyway, so who am I to judge?

Got to admit though, it does feel like an off-season thread. :wink: