Winners or Whiners?

As much as I love the team and took 15 years of flak while living in Edmonton (only because of work as Edmonton is a hole with 2 seasons, Winter and Construction), it pains me to say it but I truly wonder if we will ever see a team that consistently comes out and puts in a solid 4 quarters.

It seems as if they think that the game is only 2 or 3 quarters and as a result they manage to "Snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory".

I hope that things change, but I really wonder if it will ever happen.

Still Hoping

Not until they stop being predictable. The opposition coaches have figured out Chapedelaine's plays and tendancies. Thats why we stink in the second halves.

Not tonight...

They did look good tonight in the 2nd half - finally. Joe Smith looked great tonight. If he continues that, the Leos have a running game, and a chance to win more than they lose.

Finally...sixty minutes of football. Amazing how that works!