Winners/Losers Share of Grey Cup Money

I may have missed it in the paper or on the net but does anyone know how much each Stamp and TiCat got for playing in the Grey Cup? :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

There's more to the CFL playoffs than just the thrill of the game, as there are financial rewards on the line for the players involved. Those rewards aren't insignificant, either. If you're a player on a team that finishes first in your division, you get $3,300 for that, plus an automatic $3,500 for playing in a division final. Competitors on teams involved in each divisional semi-final also get $3,300 for that, and $3,500 if they win and go on to the division final. If your team wins the divisional final and advances to the Grey Cup, you get $16,000 if your team wins that game and $8,000 if you lose. Those aren't bad chunks of change.

On the playoff bonus front, a player on a Grey Cup-winning team hauls in a total of an extra $22,800, 38 per cent of the league's median salary, but the CFL's playoff money is significantly larger proportionally (despite having less playoff rounds).

Thus, the CFL has by far the highest playoff bonus as a portion of median salary. When you throw in that the league also plays the fewest playoff games of any of these leagues and that their regular salaries (and finances in general) are by far the lowest of any league here, those playoff bonuses look even more attractive and appealing. Players have a lot to play for besides the money, of course, including pride, their teammates and the Grey Cup. It doesn't hurt that there's so much extra money on the line, though.

In 2013, it was $16,000 to each winner and $8,000 for the losers. Pretty sure this is in addition to the bonuses for first place, and for participating in the divisional playoff games. I can't remember what the new CBA guaranteed, but it might be slightly higher.

Note that these are minimum compensation. I think individual players' contracts can stipulate higher amounts.

EDIT: The CFLDB website has a copy of the new CBA and the amounts are the same as last year.

First Place Standing: $3,400.00
Semi-Final Participation: $3,400.00
Division Championship Participation: $3,600.00
Grey Cup Loser: $8,000.00
Grey Cup Winner: $16,000

It really is sad that the CFLPA really got their lunch and recess handed to them during the negotiations
With 10-15 million dollars going to,the hosting team and the CFL head office pocketing millions the players got no increase , it really is a joke - 50 shares at. 16,000 is 800,000$ plus 50 shares at 8,000$ is 400,000$
That is only. 1.2 million going to the players - it should be half not a mere 10% at best - and we are not even counting the sponsors who jump on just for grey cup which both hosting team and CfL pocket
This amount given to,players is so insignificant and I think should have been a major point a Negotiations .

Really? tell that to a rookie or a backup or an "O" lineman that is only earning around $50k a year, a Grey Cup win is huge for them. That is a 50% bonus at the end of the year!!!
For players that are earning over $100k it means they fall into that higher tax bracket and a big chunk gets taxed away and may not mean as much as it does to the lower paid players.

This shows that the officiating on one call can make the difference of $8,000 per player from winning or losing. Another reason the officials should make sure they don’t make those borderline calls in the Grey Cup.

making a borderline call cost me 8000$
Not making the call cost someone else 8000$

If you see it, you call it

disagree. If you want owners in the future willing to buy the teams and make the league profitable you need to make it attractive for them to be willing to buy teams. They need to be able to turn a profit.

Players can come and go. There are only 2 major football leagues in the world and lots of players would be willing to play for the pay they currently receive. There is not as many owners willing to own a CFL team. Just ask the Argos.

CBA was the right deal to ensure teams remain profitable. Just after they signed that CBA look what happened to attendance. Would you want more money going to players and then have the league on the rocks like it was in the 90s?

not to mention you didn't take into account the cost to hosting the grey cup which is put up by the league and host team. The 10 to 15 million is revnue. Not profit. There are huge costs with hosting the event.

Its a risk reward payoff. If the Grey cup makes no money like 1996 in Hamilton are the players willing to give up their winnings? I doubt it. The owners are compensated for the financial risk they face in hosting the event. They are at risk of losing money. The players only risk gaining money. Its a basic risk reward trade off.