Winners and Losers of Free Agency

Starting this thread perhaps premature.

Right now I think the teams that have done the best are:

  1. Calgary
  2. Winnipeg

Still waiting to see what Sask does. They are possibly freeing up quite a bit of cap with what appears to be some departures (Powell, Gainey, Ryan, havent re-signed Micah Johnson yet) so will be interesting to see if they make a splash.

Hamilton appears to be losing some vets in Free Agency as well


Hamilton fans, not only another GC loss, Speedy B is gone and Masoli too , Ottawa instant contender with Big M

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Masoli is the winner, he gets outta Hamilton and gets paid.
Don't know if Lapo can get much more out of him though.

The losers are the globals....has there been any signings of a global player??

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BC and Ottawa will re- load. Biggest question is will there be enough quality offensive linemen to really help them out? Without that you can put all the high priced receivers you want on a team it won’t do much for you in the end.

Hamilton likely to lose Davis which is a huge blow, especially to their biggest rival. Acklin going to the Redblacks and may lose Ciraco, Jumal Rolle. They have re-signed a bunch of guys on D and have Evans, Jackson and some promising young receivers back on offence so won’t be falling apart.

Winnipeg has done pretty well re- signing guys to date. Desjarlais is a big loss along with Alford, and possibly losing Lawler and Richardson as well. They’ll still be strong but will need some young guys to step up, Geoff Gray and Dobson are good insurance policies on their oline.

Argos and Riders will no doubt spend like drunken sailors and will be strong but still have question marks as anyone else. Ja’Gared Davis and Duke Williams will be huge for both teams.

Calgary will be Calgary, always solid and never usually makes any big splashes. Getting Begelton back last year helps them out immensely. May lose out on Sankey which hurts. Bo needs to get back on track or they’re likely still battling for third.

Edmonton and Montreal are still question marks at this point. Montreal re- signed Lewis and Weineke, need to bring back Schlueger at left tackle. Defence is a bit of a question mark. Chris Jones will no doubt make over the Elks, I think he was going hard after Masoli and missed out on him. Will be interesting to see if he sticks with Arbuckle. May try to grab some free agent linebackers like Lacey, Sankey. Not too many impactful pass rushers out there but you know he will recruit lots of new blood on D.


The Salary Cap

Early contenders to be first to break it but will suffer no consequences include…
Red Blacks


For now (may change in the future)

Winners :

Losers :

Undecided :

Toronto (if Andrew Harris stays healthy) and Ottawa got hugely better. Hamilton's only one or two offensive linemen AND a receiver away from being the best team out of the gate in the East this summer. Montreal is standing pat.

Winnipeg is following in the footsteps of the very wise and frugal John Hufnagel who said (to someone on these forums) "I just can't do free agency."

BC and Saskatchewan still can't grasp the importance of a dominant offensive line. We'll eat their quarterbacks for lunch again this year. Edmonton is undergoing a HUGE makeover (they kind of worry me).

…I don’t know how the stamps can be viewed as either a winner or loser here when the GM actively avoids the whole process for the most part…

…it’s like saying the Schooners have never ever won the grey cup (of course, they’ve never lost one either)..

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I always think of the Schooners as having the longest pretend Grey Cup drought in CFL history.

Because while Calgary is inactive other teams make their move, and thus fluctuates the Stampeder's strengh in the new alignment.

I don't understand... what is the 'new alignment'? And how do I get whatever it is that you're smoking?

By new alignment I am talking about the fact that some teams are stronger and others weaker since three days. Nature abhors a vacuum, and thus we can still make a judgement about Calgary's potential strengh even if they are not active.

Fortuately I smoke nothing, to the pleasure of my friends, family, health and wallet.

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Okay. Just checking. This 'new alignment' speak caught me off guard.

Calgary under Hufnagel always fields a playoff contender so no matter how many times we try to rank them or 'align' them (I guess), they never seem to finish worse than 3rd in the West. They're unsinkable.

…understood, good points…based on this I’d say the stamps would always be on the losing side as they don’t pursue players thru FA (never gaining) but potentially losing players they couldn’t re-sign (Sankey this year)…

I get what Lucas is saying and agree. However, I would expand the judgement of free agency success to more than just the last three days.

Teams that were at the bottom the previous year, this year Ottawa, Edmonton and BC, are almost always going to lose less players and sign more. The teams at the bottom, and at the top, will change from year to year.

A team at the top, this year the Bombers, will always lose better players than a bottom team. For me the question is whether they retained a decent semblance of their core by signing their key players. I think they did. No one in their position, a good one to be in, will be able to afford to keep everyone, ie. Andrew Harris.

The Bombers ended up taking a similar approach to the Stamps, perhaps for different reasons. I wouldn’t judge either team solely by who they signed on Feb 8th, but also by the free agents they signed from their own roster prior to then. Both teams signed quite a few key players and lost a few good players as well. I would judge their relative free agency success by how their respective teams look now compared to what they looked like after the Grey Cup.

All of this of course is just opinion based on paper but that is the fun of it is it not? We will judge all teams again at the start of the year, throughout the season and right before the playoffs. Then it’s sudden death.


In fairness I started this thread prior to signing day. At the time the Stamps had locked up their core while teams like Sask had some question marks.