Winnepeg one dirty team

What is it with Winnepeg that they are year after year the dirtiest team in the CFL ?

A hit on Morreale as he was out of bounds could of been a bad one as he hit him from behind right at the knee . Morreale was mad but kept his cool lile alot of other Tiger Cats should try . Also the dirty hit on Fowkles as he returned the punt . Both players should of gotten more than they recieved but that`s another story in the CFL . I know there was another play that was quiet dirty but i forget the play . The question is why does WInnepeg think they have to play this way every season ?

umm...didnt the ticats have a couple roughing the passer..a contacting the kicker..and an unecessary roughness penatly as well? And correct me if I'm wrong..wasnt one of the roughing the passer and uneccessary roughness penalty on the same play?

I dont think we fans of the ticats are in a position to criticize another teams penalties...

ya we are, because generally ours are called by the wording of the rule.

others not so much.

hey habman,
the hit on Morreale was AT the sideline and he hit him at the hip not the knee.

Secondly , wasn't it Ralph who actually went for the knees a couple of weeks ago??
And wasn't it Cheatwood who spat on the face of another player a few years ago?/

My point , no team is clean and if you're going to to use the hit on Morreale , make sure you have the facts straight.

Roughing the kicker is the stupidest call ever, it should be called tapping the diver. Cheatwood was an idiot then, I’ll agree with you there Geoffrey. However, the Ralph knee incident was not as dirty as you make it out to be. During a knee, the Esk’s kept going through the line, taking Maas out. Now Ralph felt like that was attempt to injure the teams starting QB. So then he decides to take it into his own hands so his QB doesn’t take another hit. With this, he chop blocks Braidwood. A chop block is PERFECTLY legal where he did it, and is often used on the LOS by undersized players. Obviously Braidwood had dealt with this before as he just pushed Ralph to the ground. THEN after a LEGAL play, a known cheapshot artist in Gass, comes and kicks Ralph (I don’t care if he ticked him, missed, or hit him, he MEANT to injure him), that is a big difference.

Anyways, back to Winnipeg.
Here are some of the miscalls I remember:
Hit on Morreale
Closeline on Fowlkes
Pass-Interference that wasn’t called in (or close to the) Endzone.

the his on morreale was barely a penalty. just a little over agression. i dont think you can use that as evidence of dirty play. And i agree we are in no position to start throwing stones from our glass the way lets not get this ralph gass discussion goin i think it has been exhausted and we will get nowhere on the subject.

No Geoffrey it wasnt at the hip and it was out of bounds !!!! Morreale has been around long enough to know a clean hit . What he wanted to do was throw the ball at him , but he didnt because he`s TEAM FIRST . The Tiger Cat roughing penalty was not a deliberate attempt to injure like Winnepegs were !!!!!

and yes Geoffrey the hit by Ralph was NOT a deliberate attempt to injure . That hit wouldnt of hurt my grandmother !!!

roughing the kicker ?? That idiot could win an Oscar for that performance !!!!

Yea it was right in front of me... awful.

Also one of the roughing the passer calls, the DL actually tried to hold Glenn up, he threw both hands in the air and went to the turf.

because it was defended it didnt hurt. but the intent was there. do you think he was trying to throw a block that wouldnt hurt your grandmother or teach him a lesson for going too hard? you tell me.

$100 says he hit Mike at the hip when Mike's left foot barely touches the out of bounds line.

The more I watch it , the more I think it was a bad call.
Infact when #0 lowered his head to hit him , Mike was still running UP field.

Perhaps if Ralph hadn’t blocked like you grandmother on the second down , the whole thing would’ve happened.

Oh , and Fleming would not have done the same?

give your head a shake .
ALL teams are dirty to some level.
Cheatwood could be one of the worse.

so don't paint the Bombers as something that is so terible, they all are including our beloved ticats.

Winnipeg's Head Coach comes across like a real "punk" ... what a "pantload"

Come on now, boys! Football is a rough game and people inadvertantly or intentionally get hit out of bounds, inflick crack back blocks, touch the kicker, etc.
With few exceptions, I don't think peopole inthe CFL go out of their way to injure, but accidents happen and that's why we have rules.

I don't remember a team taking as many dumb penalties as this year's edition of our very embarrassing Tiger Cats.

I would also point out that our officiating isn't that good because a lot of the penalties called could be ignored.

Westwood should get an Oscar!

Generally I would agree with you, but that clothesline on Buck in the BC/Cgy game, and watching Tiller go after Buck, they sure looked like intentional attempts to injure. Ditto with that block earlier this year which ended one guy's season, if not career.

Didn't think you would've put money on it after watching it WITH BOTH EYES OPEN.

No i`ll still say he was going for the back of the knee . You dont have a $100 to lose Geoffrey !!!!

yeah but that hit wouldnt hurt your grandma