Winnepeg looks beatable

The Cats haven't announced any blackouts yet for this year. I hope they have learned from last year that blackouts don't work.

I think with Jamall Johnson in the lineup, he has helped address that run defense problem from the pre-season and week 1... We held BC to 111 total yards rushing last week, that is an upgrade over the 153 total rushing yards in our first game(Robertson alone had 134).

I think with more time this week, to learn more of the play book and jell with his teammates, Johnson could be even better this week.. It will be hard to maintain an average of 11 tackles a game but I would be satisfied with Johnson's play if he helps the guys around him make plays and our defense as a whole has a great game!

Agree Alan about the blackouts. I buy my tickets because I want to go to the game and get out of the house for something away from my TV and that, it is irrelevant to me whether the game is blacked out or not. If anything I don't want the game blacked out with me spending money on tickets because when the game is a good one win or lose, I can smile to myself that I'm at the game supporting my team while others who could have gone to the game but didn't are missing out on a live experience that is fun.

My take after watching each team twice is that Winnipeg Toronto Hamilton BC Edmonton and Calgary are teams that have a ways to go before they are considered contenders. As such this weeks game appears on the winnable list, its certainly on the must win list particularily after the Toronto debacle in the home opener

As a Bomber fan, I will give you the opposite side.

Despite the loss to TO, I have liked what I have seen from the TiCats.

The defense is starting to look like a Marshall defense, bend a bit (the yardage given up) but play the odds that the other team will make a mistake and wait for the turnovers rather than force them. The Bomber defense has gone the other way, being aggressive and trying to force turnovers, this can lead to big plays against if a tackle or two is missed. The Bombers were able to confuse two pretty good qb's in Ray and Burris into turning the ball over. Likewise, the Ticat defense also forced Joseph & Pierce into turnovers. Flip a coin, it looks like a stalemate.

Offense, both have had their moments, and rely on the ground game to get things moving. Both have some good receivers to get the ball too, again, stalemate.

Special teams, I have to give the edge to Hamilton because the Bombers don't have a return threat. The Bombers teams have been solid, blocking a punt and tackling real well, but no game changing return man. Edge Hamilton.

Intangibles, home field, coming off a big win, edge Hamilton. Discipline, few turnovers and penalties, edge Bombers.

I think this one will come down to which coach does the best job of preparing their team.

Overall, too close to call, I would be surprised if isn't a real slobberknocker.

It was a shrewd pickup...................having Johnson and Knowlton outside allowed Marshall to move Floyd to MLB replacing Haley...........and the results speak for themselves rather well, don't they?

Otis had a bad first game but he played well last week. If they can control Fred Reid that will force Lefors in to second and long and make things difficult for a young QB. If the Cats let Reid collect the yards especialy early in the game, things will be difficult for the Cats.

They're definitely going to focus on stopping Reid and Giles at practice this week. Let's hope Marshall found a way to stop them.

That will be key, but we also need to worry about Bowman, that will be a really bad match up for us if Bo Smith is on him all game.

Our run d was horrible in the first half in bc, we cant start off slow on defence again and if we have to comit 8 to the box to stop the run then it will be a very long game for our db's.

As long as we limit their first down production i think we'll be fine, they like to use a lot of misdirections and stuff to help with their pass protection, that doesnt work if they're in second and long all game.

I am expecting a really good game. Both teams played well last week, and in many peoples minds, came away with upset wins.

I think the teams match up pretty well, because it appears that Winnipeg's strength is its defense, and Hamilton's stength is it's offense, while Winnipeg's offense has some weaknesses, and Hamilton's defense has not had a great showing.

Hamilton should have a bit of an advantage being at home, but will need to get off to a good start, play disciplined, and not turn the ball over.

As with any close games, big plays often make the difference.


After the BC game last year when Porter was sacked 10 times I think QP is on the hit list of every team he'll play against for a while. Our OLine better play very well for us to be successful as well as the rest of the team. :thup:

I will be so happy when we get the nucleolus of a descent team and get away from all the changes, that will also be the time we’ll win more consistently.

Sure they are beatable, but so are the Cat beatable. It's going to be a tough game. Having lost a division game already this one is very important. We don't want to fall behind in the three way race for second.

Winnipeg's running game is going to be good, so I think the key is to get pressure on the QB. I wasn't impressed with LeFors last week and I think that's Winnipeg's greatest vulnerability. Unfortunately, rushing the passer is one of our worst areas.

I have to agree, it`s going to be a tough game. I think the Cats can take this. If they play disciplined, cut down on the penalties. Also, If we can get the running game going again, we have a really good shot at being 2-1.

I think we have to be like the Cats were years back, when you come to Hamilton your going to get beat. This was a very bad place for the visiting team. :thup: :x

The Ticats are hot and at home.

I'm picking HAMELTON over WINNEPEG!!!

I agree we have to cut that yard against number in half that is for sure.

Build on the positives from BC game.

WPG has been solid in both their games. Getting a win over them right now can be a turning point and a must in the standings right now.

oh and it Winnipeg not Winnepeg

You're a little slow , that was mentioned earlier. That's why I said "Hamelton over Winnepeg"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guy’s won’t be able to establish the run, we’ll take you out like we did Lumsden and Reynolds…

Porter will be under pressure and contained all night…

Cobb will not get 100 yds combined Rushing/Receiving…

You guy’s will remember Saturday as the day the Bombers burst your bubble…