Winnepeg looks beatable

Looks like their passing game is suspect, I wonder by how many points will we beat them by next week?

Remember, we have won 1 game and have been blown out in the other.

Winnipeg played Edmonton close, even though the conditions were less than ideal. Winnipeg beat Calgary on the weekend and that's no easy feat.

Winnipeg is a good team. Are they great/good at all aspects of the game? No. Are we? No.

Look, we gave up 400+ yards of offense against BC. I am sorry but if you keep doing that, you aren't going to win too many games.

Everyteam can be beat. I hope the Cats can beat them but it's going to be a very close game.

Well, starting a "BC looks beatable" thread worked last week, so why not say the same thing about Winnipeg.


Winnipeg is a good team, they've got a really good defence and they should be getting Doug Brown next week. which isn't good for us.

Shabaaz and Simpson look great/the two Johnson's (James and Jovon) both look good as well.

on offence, Fred Reid is averaging 6.7 YPC

and Lefors does have a lot of good recievers to throw to

i'm expecting a close game.

I think the team that most effectively can put pressure on the QB will win this game. If both teams protect the football and play discipline football I think the Ticats have an edge at QB.

Porter is completing 70 percent of his passes, that is better than Ray and second only to AC, while Lefors is still below the 50 percent mark.

It will help if Hamilton can run the ball, tough to do against Winnipeg.


PLEASE correct the spelling in the topic head!!!
We have to know how Winnipeg is spelled before we can beat them. :slight_smile:

(a Sudbury Tiger-Cat fan for 25 years before I moved)

I think it will help to be back at IWS too, home field advantage never hurt anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont underestimate the Bombers, we can beat them but it's not going to be easy and we can easily get smoked if we're too cocky heading in.

Remember they have just beat Calgary and i still feel they have the best receivers in the CFL and that horrible o-line everyone thought they had gave up no sacks last week and their defence has been the leagues best so far and will be even better this week with Doug Brown returning. Also their running game has been great with that being our major weakness on defence.

We'll need to play perfect to beat them actually.


After the great BC win, the Hammer is way overdue at home and therefore I am again picking the Cats to win this weekend against the Blue Bombers, who played surprisingly well but are beatable.


Don't change a thing.....your post thread was good-luck. hahaha.

I think our Head Coach was on to something very important in regards to the team.
He was seeing this team...starting to come together, in preseason games and even in the loss of the home the hated Argo's. Patience....and I think he was dead on, with that evaluation.
Now...patience is a hard thing to ask for, from Hamilton fan's, like myself.....who have watched our team become the basement crawlers of the CFL, for the past 5 years.

But after watching our Cats...go into the Lion's Den on Friday night and pull-out a win ( like that ).
That was no fluke. I am starting to understand a lot more of what Marcel and the other coaches are doing, with the Club. :thup:

I expect a very hard fought game, next Saturday...when the Bomber's come to Steeltown. From what we saw in their last game....the Bomber's can't be taken lightly. I do expect our Cats to be up to the challenge. And our players should be ( pumped ) after the win in BC.
I hope the folks back in Hamilton....pack the house on Saturday, it should be one-hell-of a football game.


You're right, no fluke. To see them win when they played so well in a three facets of the game just ramps up the excitement for the next game at IWS, doesn't it?

Porter, Cobb, Johnson, Floyd...what performances!

I can't wait!

with Saturday being the retro game (cheaper tickets) and coming off a win against B.C, hopefully its good weather on Saturday and we could have a pretty nice crowd. last weeks crowd against Toronto wasn't bad, but to see 25,000+ would be great.

i have to say, i already can't wait.

I read about this somewhere (forget where) but I haven't seen anything about it on this site or anywhere else confirming it. Anyone? (about the cheap tickets part I mean)

Should be an interesting game.....congrats on your big win in BC. With Brown, Joe Lobendahn, and Rial Johnson returning to the D front will have some work cut out for you....

Should be a good one....

The OL handled Aaron Hunt well. Hell, I thought it was gunna be sack city with Hunt in the lineup, but we held their D well.

I can confirm.

If you are a season ticket holder, your sales rep should have called you last week and offered you up to 10 tickets in sections 6 or 8 at $4.50 per seat for this Saturday's game.

My concern about the game this week is the defense. We aren't going to win too many games giving up 400+ yards of offense.

The defense played well but if we don't pick off those 2 passes, who knows what the outcome of the game would have been.

I think the defense will need to come out and get a few stops early in the game and give our offense sometime to get us a lead. I don't want to be playing from behind all year again!

I think the Cats will win a close one. I am still not sure about Lefors but with a solid run game and defense, the Bombers will surely be an interesting challenge.

Is that positive enough for you sigpig?

Keep the penalties down, force some well timed turnovers and I'd say we have a great chance. And don't get burned deep!........make them earn every single point they get the hard way.

I believe our offense will improve weekly all on it's own so that's not a great concern for me right now if we have guys that step up just like Cobb did last week.

Anyone know if this one is blacked out?.....I hate blackouts myself but if we must have a few, this might be the game to do it given the big win last week in B.C.....I'd have no problem with it at all, although maybe some would complain that it looks like a money grab. (although some forget it is generally good for a business to have revenues come in....)

Here's to a good week in practice gearing up for the Blue Bombers. :slight_smile:

Ticats need to take away Winnipeg's running game and play good fundamental football, no turnovers and play tough disciplined football and they will be in this game.