Winnepeg hits rock bottom!!!

When we get blow out by our rivals that we beat 3 times in a row last year.

...but the only way the BB's can go now is up!

So what do my fellow BB's fans think Winnipeg needs to do to get back into the season, and at least give Edmonton a run for their money next week?

  1. Don't take stupid penalties

  2. Make adjustments at half time

  3. Don't hesitate to yank Glenn if he's got the offense sputtering

  4. Start Stoddard over Cloman. Scott Cloman is a gangly goof with butterfingers.

  5. Get John Feugill playing on the O line and start making some holes for Roberts to romp through

  6. Work Regimbald into the offensive scheme more

  7. Start Willie Fells at linebacker.

That's a start....

I think they should start Michna instead of Glen, it couldn’t hurt and he showed he can do it in traning camp.

No I think Glenn still needs at least one more chance. Maybe it was just a bad game.

Hey Kucha I told you bomber fans the only reason you beat us three times last year is because Nealon wasn't behind the controls. No turnovers equals wins every time.

Interesting analysis ChrisW, but *uck that noise. I mean, special teams kind of forced the Bombers hand, and last season Burris was no more or less efficient then I've seen from Nealon.


I think Nealon is actually better than Burris, but I loved how every time Nealon threw a pass into the turf a yard behind the receiver the announcers blamed the "wet ball".

Give me a break. Greene has been throwing those crappy passes into the dirt since I remember him as an Eskimo. Some things never change.

whatever, my point is he controls the clock, and doesn't turn the ball over. That will lead to a win 9 out of 10 times.

Uh, yeah. Thanx. We didn’t already know that.

I had the BBs figured for last place until the mid point of the season. There's just too much to fix all at once. After labour day they'll pass Calgary and finsh in 4th by 4 points. This poor season will shape the team up for the future, especially on offence. I'm not down on them yet. I'd just like to see steady improvement.

if there is no intensity and alot of heart put into this game on Thurs. against the Esks.....I would think there is some deeper problems ...there is alot of talent on this team and I realise you need some time to 'jigger' the pieces so it all fits.....but there is NO excuse for half-hearted efforts and for not giving 100%. I agree with Stegall....everyone better have a good look in the mirror and better bloody well come to play....because the debacle in Regina was everyone's fault. :!:

a) Nealon doesn't control the clock, his stacked ensemble in the backfield does (Holmes, Keith and Szarka)

b) As far as intensity goes, I still think that this team is desperately searching for its identity among other things. It seemed to me like they were looking for leaders to step up and take charge and nobody did. The defense held up for awhile there, but as people have already said, tuckered out in the second half because they were on the field twice as long as the offense was, literally...The Bombers need a quarterback to come into the came and take firm control of the reigns. The only guy who has managed to accomplish that for this team so far this season is Russ Michna. Give Glenn a second chance, but if its more of the same, they should turn to Michna or the young gun (Martin) and see if they can settle things down and make plays. The O line will gain confidence along with the receivers, if they start sustaining drives they can start handing the ball over to Roberts and get him going. In turn, the defense will get much needed rest and a renewed faith in the team as a whole because they know they have an offense that can bail them out. In conclusion, confidence is the key to increased intensity, and the key to confidence is a confident quarterback.