winless in white pants

Prefer the gold pants... not a big fan of seeing jock strap lines.

While it would, of course, be silly to state that the reason the Tiger-Cats are winless in the regular season when wearing white pants is those white pants, it is, nonetheless, a fact the Tiger-Cats have NEVER won a regular season game wearing the white pants. If they were to dawn the gold pants for the next away game, they may not "win" but at least they would look like the Tiger-Cats.

i like the white pants

The ARGOS were the first to have White pants and White Jerseys for their away games

Something just does not seem right watching the Cats in all White :thdn:

Grown men should NOT be seen in white pants..EVER! :lol:
As I mentioned before,next home game...lets all start a new chant.."white pants s*&k,white pants s*%K!!

The white pants must go. They are tragic. White pants are for chef's and bakers.

Lookie, lookie, no white pants:

we are winless in any pants