winless in white pants

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, had from their inception to the millenium almost always worn gold pants. They have been generally horrible in black pants, and are winless in regular season games wearing white pants. The only winning season in the past few years occured when the Tiger-Cats went back to their traditional gold pants.

I like the white pants.

Maybe that's the only thing wrong with the team. The pants.

Please lock this thread. It is not acceptable to suggest an opinion that the white pants have to go or be improved upon.

The white pants stink

I agree. White pants are for sissies and baseball players.

hey say you listen to the fans..well then can you please bring back the traditional look of the gold pants with the black and white or lose,we look good..white pants have to go!!

It's not the pants people. That being said though I don't like them much to be honest.

what are you, clueless? of course it's the pants! what else could it possibly be?

Hamilton has traditionally always worn gold pants. Last season in gold pants= 9-8-1.
Winnipeg went back to their traditional look this year...
Everytime I see old clips of Hamilton games, their uniforms stand out & are so much better than the current look.
Please Please Please Go Back To Gold Pants Home and Away. (Not Yellow, like their socks, use the GOLD on their helmets)

I know it seems crazy, but, the white pants gotta go.

next home game..

I've always hated the white pants and that silly stripe. Any reason to change them is a good idea to me.

I like the white pants.

The Colours are BLACK and GOLD always have been. I think we are trying a little to hard to be like the NFL.

Loose those dashing white dancing pants and GO with the GOLD

I have to agree. I just some pics of players in the gold pants and it was a hell of alot better than those white things.

I love this thread......99% of the posters have backed up my theory.....the white pants have to go!....we will always have a losing season if we have bad pants!
1998...coolest the GreyCup
1999...coolest pants......Win the Grey Cup!
2003...bad pants..1-17 pants....9-8-1
2005....bad pants.....5-13
2006....bad pants.....1-5 (so far)

Seriously, they look to me like really bad outfits that ushers in a 1970's wedding would wear and it can't do much for team morale

Simple tweak pants with the black stripe!.....please!

Even use the 2004 pants (and I know we still have them)!..they were cool! :thup:

PS....our jerseys right now are cool and will look even cooler with Gold pants!

actually the team's colours are black, gold, and WHITE.

Edit: I like white pants.

I am not the biggest fan of the white pants. HOWEVER, blaming our record on the white pants with any degree of seriousness is probably pushing it a little. Forget the pants. Improving the Punter maybe. Special teams - that could improve. White pants. Yellow pants, Green pants - lets just go out and hit some body.

I know it's a matter of taste but most Ti-Cat fans that I have talked to don't like the white pants. I personally don't like them either. They just don't look right, not our tough traditional colours. Some things really shouldn't be changed.