Tom Wright is considering Windsor for expansion now too!

It's nice to see that there is the demand for a CFL franchise ... the neat thing (possibility) about this is giving it to the highest bidder ... it's great that these cities want a team as much as the CFL does.

But is it really a good idea to put a team that close to the border? With the Detroit Lions there, and arguably more established, it could be a hard market to break into ... (not to mention there's already 3 teams in Ontario!)

u definitely dont want a new team so close to an established franchise of the same sport.

but i agree, this boads well for the league to have so many cities all wanting a team ( QC, Halifax, london, windsor, moncton ).

then again, i already said this when earl posted this new yesterday.

no happening, as Kev and D god said, a team would be in direct competition with the Lions in a city that is partically a suburb of Detroit (minus the crime).

plus, with the experience that southern Ontario had in the last 10 years, I wouldn't be in a rush to put another team there.

that's debatable, is the NFL and the CFL difference sports or the same sport but different codes of it?, you be the judge.

I'm with DG.

A poll asking if Windsor is viable for expansion.

bring back the Sarnia Imperials!

Windsor, Halifax, Quebec City etc. Well, who knows. All I know is that I can't wait for the CFL season to start so I can go to my TiCat games and just feel about as Canadian as you can get - with a beer in my hand of course! Hurry up season!

right now its no-61% yes-39%.

add another no vote

Sarnia? NO WAY!

Its a joke…meant to sound about as Ridiculous as one in Windsor

Its a joke...meant to sound about as Ridiculous as one in Windsor

Oh come on. The people of Windsor would be ecstatic to have a CFL franchise - they don't need the support of Detroit (although it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a viable option to the suck sucky suck suck Lions).

And since when has the CFL "directly competed" against the NFL? I think it's been about 40 years, actually.

oh !, ok.

but honestly, who wats a CFL team again in the "kissing capital of the world"? which has only 70,000 people.

I live about 20 mins out of Windsor. And if a team did go there I would definatly be one of the first people in line for season tickets (altho the line may be short) Its very amaracanized down here. A lot of people go by ferinheit and Miles......being from Northern Ontario I consider everything be Celcius and Kilometres. The biggest problem is that it is so amaracanized down here. But the potential for a team in windsor is there. You just gotta get the people down here to know wut the CFL is (most of them do) I have a lot of buddies who watch the CFL but are more interested in the NFL. Potential is there. Theres already a decent stadium (the University of Windsor field) just in crease the seating of th stadium and your good to go. Although another team in Ontario does seem kind of awkward. A team in London or Windsor. I would be one of the first to get season tickets for the games.
P.S. Windsor is just over 200 000 people in it. Essex County (which is where i live about 20 mins out of windsor not a long drive at all) has a total of probably close to 500 000 theres a lot of people down here.

Believe me ticats fan 86, you won’t regret having a team if you ever get one. Going to a CFL game, more than anything for me, makes me feel more Canadian than anything, a great night or day out for a few hours watching something truly Canadiana, some great hard hitting and aerial action - and with a beer in your hand! In the great outdoors to boot! Just doesn’t get any better. Yes, not the hype and media exposure of the NFL and American college ball but that is just fine, we do it just fine here in Canada. This is a Canadian affair.

Im well aware that CFL games are amazing. Ive been going to every Labour day game for the past 5 or 6 years now. And i love each one more and more every year. I would love to be able to go to a game all season long. My father and I have been thinking of getting season tickets for the ti-cats but its close to a 3 hour the gas would kill us. Were still thinking about it tho.

labour-day, between argos and ti-cats, looks like its gonna more competitive than the last few seasons......

i gotta try to get tix for that the day the day ticketmaster starts selling tickets.

I think we need to look at a few key things when it comes to expanding.

  1. Sure Detroit is across the river from Windsor and theres an NFL team there. However, the Buffalo Bills have a ticket office in Toronto and the Argos/Ticats still do ok. And whens the last time the Detroit Lions had a winning season anyway?
  2. Theres a lot of surplus population within a few hours of Windsor. London, Kitchener, etc... Could make for a good fan base.
  3. Could make for a great rival for the Ontario teams. Add possible bus or train trips for teams like Hamilton and Toronto. When Ottawa did the train trip years back to Toronto, the players and fans loved it!
  4. Adding more teams like Windsor, Halifax, Quebec city and maybe Victoria would make for more interesting games. For one, I'm kinda sick of seeing Ottawa vs Montreal 4-5 times a friggin' year. Would be nice to see a change.

Finally, the whole stadium issue. Most of these cities have University stadiums. It is very possible to add stands to existing stadiums and make them around 18-20,000 seats. Montreal proved that as did Halifax last year. The CFL does not require 50,000 seat stadiums. No teams can afford to maintain a stadium that size nor can they fill them. Plus it looks really bad to see 18,000 people in a 40-50,000 seat stadium on tv. Looks too empty and people watching on tv might think if noone wants to go to the game live, why should I watch it on tv. The only time the big stadiums get filled is for Grey Cup.

I think expansion is a great idea. AS LONG AS THOUGHT IS PUT INTO IT! Poll the area and do the marketing research. Make the TV deals before you sign the line. Try a pre-season game or 2 in all the places that express interest. That will let you see how well they can increase the stadium size and if they have a hope or not with fan response. Most CFL fans love the outdoor, snow, rain or mud games anyways.

I for one think we should ditch the domes and play true Canadian football!

The idea of slapping up some seats is OK as a temporary measure. This league(each individual team) cannot survive on 18,000-20,000. I believe the minimum is 25,000 for financial stability and more important, for perception and "big leaugue appeal". Not to mention, how more people looks pleasing to the eye and especially on TV.
For expansion sake, I am now starting to wonder whether a minimum seat stadium of 30,000 should be mandated.