Windsor Gamblers?

Windsor would be an ideal location for a new franchise. When I was a youngster I enjoyed going across the river to Windsor where everything goes. Strip clubs, drinking, gambling, and a lot more. The only entertainment lacking over there was professional sports.

You can buy Ottawa... I hear its for sale. Move them to Windsor?

Okay, Okay...Bad comment!

Just one question..... Do you have a stadium big enough for a CFL team?

yup, it's called the Silverdome (Psst, sportsmen, re-read hoopsters note, he's crossing the river to Windsor, therefore he is in good ol' Detroit)

Not that I want to be the party pooper, but do you think there would be any chance that Windsorites (or whatever the P.C. term for them is) would really chose a CFL game with the NFL just down the road?

I would hope they would, because they're sure not watching much when they attend a Detroit LIons game.

…LOL…c’mon hoopy, you got Jeff Garcia now, I know he didn’t shine much in Cleveland last year but he wasn’t bad in SF and was simply awsome here in Calgary, there’s hope for your Lions yet…

There's a lot of hope for the Lions. They have Garcia and Harrington at QB, Kevin Jones at HB, and Williams, Rodgers and Williams at WR. The offense is just about to blast off. And everyone is young ('cept Garcia) so when the team starts performing, it'll last a few years.

....I agree, especially in their division as Farve fades away and the rest of the Division is hot/cold on any week the Lions do stand in the best position for Turnaround. New field, new faces, I wish though they'd ditch their powder blue/silver unis and go with something updated....I know the traditionalists will freak now but seriously, it just doesnt have the same nostalgia for me as say Chicago or Minnesota.............something effeminate about those colours....sorta disco-gayish.....

The Packers are in serious trouble. Brett Favre will regret coming back for a last tour de piste. Not only has all the former stars left the boat one by one, but the Packers released their last insurance policy (safety Darren Sharper) during the winter to save some cash (where the hell do they spend their money to be short with such a horrible team?) and lead receiver Javon Walker is pissing his quarterback (anybody read Favre's take on Walker's holdout?... eeesh).

And I'm sorry RedandWhite, but I can't accept to hear how gayish look the Lions suits after I saw the upcoming Stamps uniforms... :wink:

....but add the cape and watch out.....

anyway, check out this article 3/10:

[url=] ... 25199.html[/url]

.....If the players like it, oh well.....

The Detroit Lions and Average Joe Harrington blow

....but how do you REALLY feel about the Lions hoopy?

Why not call the team the raiders? Have uniforms that look like they came out of mad max - that'd be awesome, and would work with the city's industry and location.

Red, this comes from the same players who say the Stamps are Grey Cup contenders. They have no credibility. :wink:

Not to mention, anything that makes them forget about last season seems like an improvement to them.

By the way, no one should buy a jersey directly from the Stamps if the prices mentionned in the article are true, because the same jerseys cost way less in the CFL shopping website.

So my geography is off a little bit...Windsor, Detroit..... I need a map.

Have to take pokes at a couple of you though. Both the Detroit Lions light blue uniforms and Calgary's Superman outfits are both Kind of crappy.

(I hope Tom Wright got lots of money from Reebok)

.......not if you add shipping costs Turd&10, buying from is slightly more expensive far as credibility goes, every team is a contender, who woulda thunk TO was going all the way a year ago?

isnt windsor the kissing capital of the world, no place for football

swear it was Windsor in that movie.

i guess....but i dont rememeber Sarnia.