Windsor CFL Franchise?

Quebec is the only remaining city in Canada that could support a CFL franchise other than Ottawa. But it all hinges on the stadium. If Halifax wins the CW Games bid, a 25,000 seat stadium will be built.

I'm not sold on Halifax, which is a small market with a small population in the surrounding areas. And is not economically blessed, with lower income ticket buyers and bleak local sponsorship opportunities, compared to other CFL competitors.

Windsor is a question mark. Would they play in Detroit? And would Americans come out to watch a Windsor/Detroit CFL team??

I would prefer cities like Grand Rapids, Rochester or Portland (where 17,000 fans came out for a CFL preseason game), if the CFL wanted to start an American loop.


If they called the team "the Motorcity ... Madmen" (or whatever) then they could market the team to both cities.

one problem with would be a eastern city.

the addition of quebec city, ottawa, and halifax make 6 eastern teams to 5 western teams...

adding windsor would make 7 east and 5 west.

i would not add windsor over QC, ottawa or halifax...and we don't need a 4th ontario team right now.

Build a stadium and they will come.

What's required for the franchise to survive in Ottawa?

I guess they have to call the team THE ROUGH RIDERS! :wink:

They can't utilize the Silverdome since that was torn down months ago.

Preseason game in Portland, when was this?

It was before the first expansion to Sacremento, I am guessing 1993. Calgary played with Doug Flutie and I do not remember the opposition.
Paul Allen, the billionaire, the guy who owns the Trailblazers was very interested in getting a team but never did.

Toronto was the other team....unfortunately it was a very poorly played, unexciting game. Calgary won with the Argos only scoring one point. IIRC

No, it was 1992.

Cgy and Tor.

Flutie and Ismail were the drawing cards.

Allen had expressed interest but not so much for CFL but as part as trying to get new complex built for Blazers.

It was supposed to have been BC and Tor but Flutie signed as FA with Cgy so Murray Pezim and Ryckman struck deal. Part of it was Pezim paying Ryckman in shares in a gold mine.

I must have missed that. I knew it was old -- I saw WHO there in 78/9 and they had concerts there years before that.

I remember hearing when Lions moved out, they thought they could keep it going with concerts, trade shows and the like much like the Big O.

Allen was still interested after that Xibition game and he wanted to be the first expansion team. But, after the league gave that great guy Fred Anderson the first US team in Sacremento, Allen was pissed off and wanted nothing else to do with the league.

Allen was still interested after that Xibition game and he wanted to be the first expansion team. But, after the league gave that great guy Fred Anderson the first US team in Sacremento, Allen was pissed off and wanted nothing else to do with the league.
I was at the first preseason game in Sacremento vs BC. The stadium was packed with 20,000 fans in 105 degree heat. The tailgate party was incredible with thousands of fans filling the entire parking lot, with live rock bands, etc. Ice-cold Moosehead draught was $2.50 for an 18-oz cup filled right to the top! Great game, too with David Archer, Kerwin Bell & Mike Pringle!!

Fred Anderson was a terrific owner, but the stadium in Sacremento was only temporary and was constructed for $1.5 million. The team moved to the Alamodome after two seasons and attracted 20,000 fans to their playoff game. Anderson wanted to continue in San Antonio, and reportedly cried when he was informed the league had decided to disband the "Southern" division...

I know that Fred was trying to build a new stadium for the Gold Miners and a Triple A ball team, but it fell through. What happened Invader. Did the fans care about the CFL? I do not recall as bad as the stadium was one single sellout.

He is also why the NHL hasn't come to Portland.

and Hornet Stadium, where the Gold Miners played, was a bad stadium, imagine Molson (10 years ago) but smaller, and w/o indoor plumbing.

and most of the tickets sold were free.


North was West
South was East

You are right KK, I remember seeing the port a potties beside the bad bleecher seats.

Whose is the idiot bringing up a Windsor expansion team?

You might want to check on who currently holds the rights there before you wish that on the CFL.


three strikes and you're gone....for ever

We I say Molson, I mean the Molson before the Al's moved back in, the one Ro showed in the pic BEFORE it was fixed up.

Thanks Argotom, I read that on Soudog's CFL fan site, and I'll quote it here.

They had to market themselves, receiving no assistance from the league. Also, competition from the San Francisco 49ers and Stanford University hurt attendance. Rickety Hornet Field kept fans away -- it was made up mostly of temporary grandstands with no real stadium amenities (facilities were threadbare, only port-a-potties were provided for fans). Fred Anderson wanted to change this situation by building a new stadium in Sacramento for the Miners and his minor-league baseball club. He planned to complete a project that had been started several years earlier to lure the Raiders to Sacramento, but had ended up being mothballed. Anderson, however, could not come to terms with the local governments, and ended up moving to San Antonio after the 1994 season.
Attendance hovered around the 15,000 range in Sacramento, but it was widely known that as many as 2,000 of the 15,000 per game were given free tickets.

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I think you are looking for the Gleiberguys again! I believe they hold the rights!

After the two fiascos they pulled, the Gleiberguys should hold no rights. In fact, the league should get a restraining order forbidding either father and son from being within a city limits of a CFL team again. Er, maybe Canada as a nation.