Windsor CFL Franchise?

Tom Wright to meet with Windsor mayor to discuss CFL expansion

This was back in February at the time of the superbowl.

Has any progress been made on expansion plans for Windsor?

Also, there was some discussion about using Tiger Stadium as a temporary facility until a new stadium could be built in Windsor.

However, the City of Detroit apparently has plans to demolish Tiger Stadium.

The CFL is missing a golden opportunity. By having a Windsor team play in Detroit, they would be able to guage US response to the CFL brand without actually starting up another US franchise.

Windsor has no stadium nor has anyone really stepped forth to say that they want to own team there.

Unless something really unforseen happens, it's Ottawa first then whichever of Halfiax, Moncton or QC that steps forth for 10th team.

Well, Windsor has a 4000 seat stadium which they claim can be easily upgraded to a capacity of 25 000. How easily that can be done is open to debate.

I guess no one wants to take a chance on an unproven market.

There are over 5 million people in the Detroit/Windsor area.

If they played games in Detroit, and scheduled as many home games as possible before the beginning of NFL season, it could be a huge success.

windsor expansion is the furthest thing on the minds of those who run the CFL...this was just in todays edmonton sun:

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There is no shortage of interest in trying to resurrect football in the Ottawa market.

In fact, nearly 10 different potential ownership groups have stepped forward and talked with the Canadian Football League, according to commissioner Tom Wright.

"We will be sitting down in the next several weeks and going over our parameters," said Wright, who was at Commonwealth Stadium last night. "But again, we will only go back to Ottawa if the right ownership group has the right commitment and the right business plan."

Wright, who will update Eskimos president Rick LeLacheur today on the Ottawa situation, remains rather upbeat on the prospect of announcing a new franchise owner in the nation's capital before the Grey Cup game in Winnipeg.

"I am really hopeful we will be able to find the right ownership for the Ottawa franchise because they deserve it," said Wright, who pulled the plug on Lonnie Glieberman's reign and suspended the Renegades' operations in early April.

To help with the Ottawa search, the league has formed a committee that includes team owners Ted Hellard (Calgary), Bob Young (Hamilton) and Howard Sokolowski (Toronto).

Ottawa is the priority and should be for next year!

Where in Detroit?

TS is being levelled.

Play out of 80K Silverdome?

They could potentiall market it to Detroit fans but I can't see it being a Detroit-Windsor franchise in the way the Glibes were yapping about it.

Agree, but 10 groups overall that is semi impressive.

Yeah but I could send a bogus fax today argotom and then they would be saying 11. No idea how well heeled and serious the groups are.

Yes, but it hasn't been levelled yet.

You would need the right people working with you on the Detroit side, because there are many that want the stadium preserved.

Play your cards right, and you might get the use of the place for very little money, simply because there are people that want the stadium put to use.

That's very close to the Lions, who sell out a lot in Detroit and a loved despite their record of failure, if the CFL put a team there in Detroit-Windsor and it's not up to par, it could die a quick death, and Windsor has about as maybe people as Halifax, but Halifax in an area of no Football, but great promise to developed.

Windor has more chance at getting annex into the US in exchange for a better border on the 49th (international Falls, Port something in Was, to Canada), than it does getting a CFL team right now.

Windsor/Detroit or Fort Erie/Buffalo, almost one and the same thing. Forget it. Halifax, Quebec City, Moncton, Saskatoon, interior BC somewhere, much better.

Fort Erie has a population of 28,143, whereas Windsor's population is 307,877.

The Metro Buffalo area has a population of about 1.1 million, whereas the Metro Detroit area is over 5 million.

The difference between Fort Erie/Buffalo and Windsor/Detroit is about 4 million people.

r4, I was just making a point to stay away from border towns, that's all.

The mayor at the SB last year was just spouting out with the CFL commish in town and what not. Nobody will put a CFL franchise there IMHO.

Iirc, Detroit had an IHL team that used to fill the old Joe Louis arena, back before the IHL folded.

This had no effect on Red Wing attendance.

Sounds like a good sports city, but, like any other place, there is risk involved. You would have to do your homework and hire the right marketting people.

IHL also had many Windsor teams as well, but now Windsor can win the OHL league.

the 2 best markets out there are CLEARLY quebec city, and halifax. quebec city gets like 18,000 for laval games, same sort of deal with halifax, they sell out 10,000 a game at st. mary’s. both these cities have strong markets, and large population bases to support them.

I agree that both Quebec and Halifax would be successful CFL cities.

If Quebec has a stadium that can hold 18 000, then they definately have huge potential.

Halifax is bidding on the 2014 Commonwealth Games. I doubt that they will have a stadium before that.

Meanwhile, there is Windsor, and there is Tiger Stadium sitting empty. I think an owner could have a lot of fun with that. You would get Windsor people that want an excuse to get out of town making the drive across the border to watch games. And, you would get Detroit people that are A) curious and B) nostalgic about the old Tiger Stadium.

If you do your homework and put together respectable teams, you could build a core of devoted fans ready to fill the new stadium in Windsor, if/when it gets built.

Also, and this is something the league should be interested in, you get to guage the American market for CFL.

If a team in Windsor/Detroit is successful, the CFL should be able to use that as leverage in negotiating any US tv deal.

Obviously, the CFL is never going to get the monster tv deals that the NFL gets, not even close. But, even a small sliver of that pie would be a huge bonus for the league.

And isn't that what this league needs? After all, both the NFL and the CFL were on par salary wise up until the early eighties, when the NFL started getting the big tv deals.

I don't believe that Windsor will work, for the obvious reasons previously mentioned.
As for Tiger Stadium, it is being demolished and staying out of Detroit is crucial of course.
Earl, I agree anyone can potentially call or fax interest to the league office.
One would presume(or not?) how these 10 are viable interests and perhaps more then tire kickers.
In any event, regardless it is refreshing how there are that many versus the other extreme and we would all be worried if there was none.

I would love to see a team in Windsor if it could happen. However I have spent some time in Detroit in the past on job committments and talked up the CFL when ever I had the chance. Just about everybody I talked to didn't know too much or care anything about the CFL. It's all Michigan and Michigan State and the Lions for their football interest.