Windsor area CFL fans

Just wondering if there are any Windsor area Ticat fans that regularly attend games?


Not many I would think.

As I suspected. The local rock radio station likes to point out that there are only 16 CFL fans in this area which is a sad state of affairs considering how many CFL plays have originated from this area.

Anyways, the point to my original post as pathetic as this may sound is I was hoping there were people from this area who went to games. At this point I have to negotiate terms and conditions in order to convince someone to go to a Ticat or even Argo game.

It would be nice to attend games with people who actually want to be there.

I may not be a Ticat fan but I have always thrown my support to the team. As history has proven, the Ticats are a winning team and I would love to see that person!

I live in Windsor.

I am going to the home opener.

I'm just assuming that would be the case, I could be wrong. I'm sure there are a number of CFL fans in general in Windsor. Or do people there support the Lions? (I would hope not!)

Why would they support BC? Seriously they have no local team and there is nothing wrong with the NFL so why not cross the river for a game

windsor would be a market that a london team could also draw fans from. london would be a great place for expansion. london is in a perfect location to draw from pretty much all of the west side of south ontario.

london itself is about 400,000 and then there are at least 4-5 cities over 30,000 within a half hour and then windsor and kitchener/waterloo within 60-90 min

most CFL fans in KW are either argo or cat fans already though.

they obviously mean the detriot lions of the nfl that reside right across the river from windsor.

G4C, if you want to see the Cats win a game, you'd better buy tickets to several games. They're bound to win one eventually. :stuck_out_tongue:

An Argo-Cat fan

Duh I think its obvious I knew that zenstate

Teams in London and KW would be a good idea. Then put one back in Ottawa, along with expansion to Halifax and Quebec City. Eight teams is too small--it's almost embarrassing, really.

the cfl could easily have a team in windsor, and have them play in the pontiac silverdome in michigan as a stadium, the sivlerdome has field turf, luxury suites, and all the amenities. Honestly, this would be a perfect venue to host a grey cup, and the cfl team could use windsor's university field as a practice facility. Its too bad the cfl has common sense to utilize that part of Canada.

I agree that Windsor could support a CFL team. It would also draw in a few American fans.

I think the overhead in trying to implement and maintain a CFL team in Windsor would prove to be far too expensive.

I remember when Detroit hosted the superbowl and the mayor of Windsor made reference to trying to get a CFL team in Windsor. That comment really was a source of laughter amongst many.

Windsor should just stick to CBC Windsor host a Grey Cup party. That is definitly a fun and exciting time!

windsor should bid for a grey cup, make it similar to the joint bid for the 2005 superbowl, and have detroit join up, the silverdome can easily seat 60,000, market the damn thing on both sides of the border. If the CFL wants to be considered major league, its time to play in some neutral sites and in big league markets, the cfl needs to get outta this self pity and go for the homerun baby. The Silverdome is good enough for the cfl, its close to many colleges that could be used as practice facilities during grey cup week, they could have grey cup parties in the greektown section of detroit, and windsor area casino district.

Well, there are a few people in the southern Ontario region to whom the start up costs for a CFL team is pocket change.

As has been mentioned, with Detroit on the one side, and London on the other, I think the market is there.

i know some Ticat fans in Chatham-Kent region, INHO that region is ripe(gov funding) for a 40,000 seat stadium, rite between Windsor and London