Wind conditions at THF?

Is Tim Hortons Field the most wind-affected stadium in the CFL? It seems to be so, since the realignment 90° from the old Ivor Wynne. Could be affected by the winds from the harbour deflecting off the escarpment. Interesting to know how THF wind conditions compare to other CFL stadia.


Not sure if there is an easy way to obtain an answer to that question. I am sure the Hamilton Tiger-Cats would have wind related statistics related to THF. I am also sure that the CFL would maintain such records, but I would not have a clue how to gain access to such records for every outdoor stadium in the CFL.

However, I can comment on the fact that the aggressive winds at the stadium are not always coming from the North; THF experiences strong winds from both directions.

This last game versus Saskatchewan was impacted by strong winds from the North. It definitely impacted the two Dane Evans' deep passes in Q1 where passes were underthrown to wide open receivers. The Tiger-Cats were playing with the wind at their backs in the 2nd & 3rd Q's. Of course the kicking game is directly impacted, but it does not help when Hamilton's first punt with the wind in Q2 gets blocked; that flips the field position in a hurry.

I have not checked the weather records, but the wind speeds were definitely less of a factor in the 2nd H; in the stadium it seemed that wind speeds were declining throughout the Half, to the point where the wind was not much of a factor in Q4.
I am not sure if that would have factored into the Tiger-Cats' decision making to start the 2nd H.


The prevailing winds in Hamilton’s summer season are SW , that changes to northerlies sometime in the Autumn Winter , no guarantees as southerlies also happen ,usually SW again pushed up from the US,……
The last Bomber Cat game’s winds were forecast to be SW all day , when the game kicked off the winds were at our back from the North East, when we changed ends for the second quarter the wind shifted to the forecast direct SW ,we had the wind at our backs again, thankyou Thor’s Brother , Wind Guy……..
As to having the trickiest winds ,maybe we do , strongest winds have to come off the Prairies ,especially Saskatchewan with their loud fans contributing to the already strong winds……


Our old stadium used to be brutal to play in when the winds came up. Bob Cameron's first punt into the wind (in the bench seat era) came to a dead stop in mid-air and sailed backwards over his head. Most of our QB's not named Brock or Dunigan had problems moving the ball against those gusts.

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