‘Win the Day’: The story of the 2017 Toronto Argonauts

It may be the best 15 minutes you spend today:

...thanks but no, I hear the ending is sad.... :smiley:

You Heard incorrectly. It was a "happy ending."

Hey wait

no.....that will suffice.

Hey... I would prefer the Ticats played in and won every Grey Cup, but we all can't get what we want. :slight_smile:

The last couple Grey Cups were fantastic. Tremendous upsets of supposedly the best team ever. We saw smart coaching and heart overcome the odds.

We saw a situation that 'would have been been won if I was in,' yours truly, BLM. Then we saw BLM in OT sending FG range bested by a DC who told his D 'he is going endzone'

Way to go Bo. :smiley:

one of the best football videos I have ever seen.

a feel good video for argo fans, but I like less talk and more action.

I prefer highlight reels

Unfortunately for you... it wasn't specifically made for your enjoyment.

it wasn't??