Win the coin toss and....

Kick off against the wind! I think we should do this even more often. I know we tend to give high powered offenses a short field with the wind behind them to start both halfs, but it more than evens out with all those long field goals we get in the fourth quarter.

Thoughts on this strategy anyone? :?

yea its maddening.. having the wind in the 4th should have given us the game with hamilton having decent field position for almost every drive after short calgary punts into the wind... but alas

Obviously it is better to have the win in the 2nd and 4th quarters when there is more stop time. I cannot believe that Calgary gave us the wind in each of those quarters. Sadly we tried for the coffin corner and continually gave up 15 yard no yard penalties. Weird Calgary got the 5 yard varieity.

Nick has to hit those field goal he worst kicker in entire league this year so it not going to matter :lol:

We have to do something in off season Setta has seen his best day's I fear. :roll:

I think this is the third time in 4 games the Cats have kicked-off to open the game and then again to start the 2nd half. Tonight the Stamps marched the ball downfield both times and got a fieldgoal. Is the offense so bad that the coaches would rather have the defense on the field?