Win Saturday

What do the Cats have to do to win in the proposed thunder storms against BC.

Besides playing for 60 minutes.

Patience ... "Keys To Beating ..." thread will be posted later tonight!

they need to have their offence start early and they need the refs to call a fair game. Last week the Ticats defense played well, but the offense didn't get going until the second half. The ticats were also on the wrong side of many bad calls by the refs and those calls were very influential of the outcome, unfortunately the ticats have no control over that.

As promised ...


We win Saturday and The Flying Wildcats are 1-0 this year!!!

Tiger-Cats 45
Lions 40

Better protection for Burris to help him avoid the sacks, have more time to pass and/or go on the run, after all he is one of your leading rushers. :o
Not sure why Austin brings in a backup in short yardage situations, if he even goes for it all. :? Burris is quite capable of handling this himself, especially near the goal post, when more often than not, he runs in himself. 8)

p.s. Burris is used to stormy weather. :roll:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :thup: