You can say what you want about this years edition of the B.C. Lions. One thing this team has is heart, and a lot of it. Playing through injuries and now the flu, these players have been trying ,pardon my grammar, "their damnest" all year long and all I read and hear is doom and gloom from everybody. It's about time we supported our team through thick and thin, just like the Roughrider fans have done for years. These Lions players have been put through the grind all year long and win or lose, we should support them "all the way". I think even Wally has recognized that this team is special. I have to say I like this team better than any before. The only team that ever matched them in "heart" was the 1994 Grey Cup Champions, coached by none other than the "Big Bear" himself. Now, if there is anyone out there who disagrees with me, you are welcome to state your opinion on this forum. This is the way I see it!

I'd rather see a player with less talent play hard than all the talent in the world float. These Lions are fighting for every yard like their forefathers. Keep the faith.

Yeah, and don't forget about all the changes in personnel. :thup:

I can guarantee nobody wants to see this team in the playoffs.
Reminds me a lot of 1994 when the Lions finished third but lost some close games down the stretch and were much better than their record indicated. Sure enough, they caught fire in the playoffs in what was an incredible run. Ironically, they had been dominated by the Stamps for a long stretch before knocking them off in the Western Final in what was most thrilling Lions game ever.

This team could easily be playing for first place tomorrow night if it had played for entire 60 minutes the past 2 weeks. Now they just need to take of business against the Eskimos and then let's see how the chips fall in the playoffs.

Lions WILL win, GO LIONS GO! Watch them win the grey cup to and surprise everyone.

Being critical of your team doesn't mean that you have given up on them or are no longer a fan.

Yes these last two games where heart breakers but good teams find a way to win.

Lets hope that they first make the play-offs the second find a way to win these close ones.