Win or Lose? No matter-Quirky Idea For Game Day

Hows this for a quirky idea to thank the people that really matter, the deserved paying fans.

Instead of the players spending all their time milling around sleeping with the enemy immediately after games on the field, why not have all the home team players, or even all the players from both teams, also head to the sidelines around the stadium for 2 or 3 minutes and have them sign some autographs. (maybe set a minimum 5 each)

The CFL would outdo the NY Rangers and their centre ice salute.

(no laughing tyvm, that's my job.)

i like it… and the fans can just keep the autographs hidden until we win a game.

I like this type of thinking....

perhaps it's too late for this year but it might be a good idea for the Board of Governors to discuss in the off-season so all the CFL teams can get on board with this....... would be a good concession to the people who didn't like the practices being closed, and in effect, more kids would get to meet their heroes in the long run (and in a controlled environment).....maybe tables could be set up in the end zone immediately follwing each game and after the players have showered.......I would have really loved this when I was a kid....

you've got my vote! :thup:

From the Argos' website:

[i]Post Game See You On The Field!

Have a chance to get on the field, meet some of your favourite Argos and Blue Thunder members [/i]

[url=] ... nment.html[/url]

Tables?? Come to think of it, a while back the Cats did put on a single game ‘Thank the Fans’ signing like that. The kids (big big kids too) were tickled. Maybe they have another planned for this year but not yet announced. Personally I’d prefer a couple minutes to take in the thrills on the faces after each game.

3 min X 9 games = 27 min

Tables ?? 30 min. ? + manpower setup.

Have you seen that chaos?

YEAAAAHH! Look I am on the field, I can now die in peace.

Notice the Argo mullet in the red shirt? So much for the theory only people from Hamilton have them.