Win / Loss record when Cats' D or ST don't score?

I'm curious if anyone knows the Cats' win/loss record when the D or special teams doesn't score? I'm sure the winning percentage is high when D or ST scores (sort of obvious). That might have been the spark to get the team going on Canada Day - and we came close with (if I recall correctly) two dropped interceptions. In the last two seasons we've come to rely on D and special teams and both have risen to the challenge.

Not an exact answer to your question, but ...

In 2015, TiCats were 9 & 1 when they had less turnovers than their opponent. They were 0 & 7 when they had more turnovers. They were 1 - 0 when the turnover ratio was even between the two teams.

As far as I can tell, there were 3 games last year where Hamilton scored zero points off turnovers. They lost all three.

Hope that helps.

I remember AT LEAST 2 games where we scored a TD while we were punting. Speedy B had a good year on returns, but I can't recall how many games he ran one to the house. FenderGuy69 - we need more stats!

Thanks Fender - I think that fits classic football logic - winning the turn-over battle. I wonder when Banks scores how often we win - my guess is we've won 100% of the time when Speedy has a TD but hard to prove.

At any rate, a score from the D might have been enough to give the team a spark on Thursday.

Two dropped INT’s (Davis and Sears) certainly didn’t help our cause on Canada Day. Of course the Leo’s also dropped two (in addition to the two they caught).