Win/Loss record at BMO Field


As of September 4, 2016, the CFL team with the most regular season wins at BMO Field is as follows.

#1 (tied at one win each - in alphabetical order):


On September 11, 2016, Hamilton will have the opportunity to regain sole possession of the lead with two wins at BMO.


The team with the most losses at BMO Field is as follows.

#1 (five losses):


#2 (one loss):


Don't get ahead of yourself. We still have to thump them on LD first.

I will never understand why posts like these are made. Like the ones about how we have not won in Calgary since 2004. Its a game and you play better you win simple as that.

Five other teams have won as many games on Argos' home field as Argos have. I think that's funny - because, you know, Argos Suck. A little different than highlighting a Ticats drought, I think.

But don't forget that the Ticats are the only team that will play in Toronto more than once so they are the ONLY team other than the Argos that could possibly have the most wins at BMO............................... :oops:

It's still a joke. Some of us like the silly or absurd... others don't. I found it gave me a smile

Now that we’re past game 1 of the double-header, I hope no one will take offense to my revival of a post designed to mock the hapless Argos. Personally I’d love to stake a claim to being the winningest team at BMO and let the Argos think about that for the entire off-season.

As for making the most noise on Sunday, anyone still looking to buy tickets should be aware that there are not many seats left in the sections behind the Ticats bench. It’s fun when all the Cats fans congregate in one section - especially as all the disappointed Argos fans start to file out in the fourth quarter and we are the only ones left in the stadium.