WIN: ______________ is watching!!

I don't know about anyone else but I'm tired. I can only imagine how Bob feels. I have been cheering for the Ticats for 42 years and I am only 47 and i want to keep cheering for them along with my family in Hamilton.

To our players; as it says outside the locker room boys, Win: Mike is watching! (For those of you who may not know that refers to Mike Young, Bob's deceased brother who is the real reason he bought the team in the first place, not to make money which he doesn't but out of respect for Mike and his love for the Ticats.)

Now, he is being villified as a self-serving millionaire grabbing for all he can get or worse as a cry-baby according to the Spec. shame on them.

Maybe, just maybe he wants to keep the Cats going as long as he can because he loved his brother, his family and his hometown, without loosing millions of dollars.

I met Bob once at the A.C.C. for a couple of seconds. I am not related in anyway. At the risk of standing corrected I do not know of anyone on this site who has been and is willing to continue to spend millions of dollars on this team and so far in this city.

What he is asking in return is to have a place to play where he can breakeven or heaven forbid make a small profit and to be treated with respect not contempt. No one seriously thinks he will ever be making serious profit do they and even if he did so what,has that become a crime?

Therefore to the team Win: for Mike, for Bob and for all the other fans of the Tiger-Cats like my 12 year old son who is devastated by the very thought of the Cats leaving Hamilton and by the way if I never said it before, I live in Burlington.

WIN: Mike, Bob, Gordie and other Ticat fans yes in the West Harbour, East Mountain, every other area of Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Quebec, Halifax, Moncton and other places in Canada and around the world, are watching!

It would sure be a real boost to everyone!

This "Mike" will definitely be watching. (although I may have to wipe a few tears away when thinking of your post). Ah to be passionate about something, anything, that is the meaning of life.

How will Mike feel IF Bob moves his beloved HAMILTON Tiger-Cats out of his Home Town? If Bob isnt happy with the city or the stadium or w/e then he should sell the team so someone else can keep it in Hamilton, for Mike and 141 years of other fans.

The key words my friend for Mike were Tiger-Cats and as I said I sincerely hope that they remain the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Great Post!

It was stated at some point along the way that had this “Debate” been going on in the 60’s or 70’s it would be the topic of “SERMONS”

Rev. Clark…Good Job and timely. At the rate of the councillors changing their mind…2 in two days, perhaps we can convince the rest in less than a week! Not that it will matter but someone else will have to realise their mistake!

My gut feeling is that Hostco will slam the door on this council but leave a crack open for Bob to open it up to a new venue!

Could we pray for that? :wink:

I can't say that I can sincerely pray for a football team. However, I can pray for wisdom, direction and cooperation because they sure seem to be in short supply at the moment.

By the way, I have spoken on the Ticats - "Who is your headcoach," I even used a picture of MB. it was quite funny.

What we need is a win tomorrow!

Once again...well said! BTW, I don't think it matters where your parisheners come from, but I'd sure listen to your sermons!

Thanks Rev

I appreciate your kindness which is another reason we need to win tomorrow and keep this team and hopefully keep it right in Hamilton. There aren't many places where people can have such divergent backgrounds yet a common passion and last for 141 years.

Oskee WeeWee

Great post, Rev. Also refreshing to see someone in Burlington (and anyone outside Hamilton) hoping the team stays put. Looking forward to some actual football to take my mind/ anger off of this stadium fiasco.

woody, it was I who made the comment about sermons in the 50's and 60's.
I wasn't kidding. The RC bishop, Bishop Ryan had seats very close to mine in the South Stand. There were many RC priests at every game.The Protestant ministers weren't as obvious, but I personally knew three who attended every game.
Don't forget that all games in those days were played on Saturday afternoon.( Okay, except for Labour Day and Thanksgiving.)

Now, I'm not claiming that Divine Intervention was part of the playbook then, but..........

Well done Wilf, lol


We could sure use a little divine intervention now...on and off the field!

62, divine intervention on the field, yes, I'm all for it. But off the field, I'll take a bit more realism and practicality please. The Mayor is doing the divine intervention thing with the WH I'm afraid, wishing upon some White Star, and not going to cut it. I'll take the more realistic approach with Bob on this one. :wink:

Earl: the Mayor does work in mysterious ways though. :slight_smile: