Win 3 out of 5 and clinch home playoff game

This is still do-able, Win next week, then againt Toronto and one out of the last three and we will be OK !

Dont give up on the team just yet, if our defence steps up the Ti-Cats will on there way to a Home play off game.

Toronto has a tough Schedule ahead !!

I don't doubt for a second that the East Semi will be played at Ivor Wynne for the second consecutive season. I won't make predictions on who they'll beat, but I think 4-1 in the last five is possible. Call me crazy, but they're going to upset one of Calgary or Montreal. I just have a gut feeling.

Anything less than a home playoff game will be a major diappointment.

At the beginning of the year I think we all, including the players, had our sights set too high.

At the end of the year we will be no better than a good football team.

Great football teams advance deep into the playoffs.

We are simply not there yet.

How about win 5 out of 5, smack Toronto at IWS, blowout Montreal in their own house, then beat Calgary for the Grey Cup! :lol:

None of these games will be easy.

All of our opponents are in, or close to, making the playoffs.

The biggest game of the stretch will be against Toronto on the 15th.

I like the way you think :thup:

I like your style...If you're gonna dream, dream BIG!

Winnipeg's remaining games

home to B.C.
@ Montreal
home to Toronto
@ Edmonton
home to Calgary

Toronto's remaining games

@ Saskatchewan
home to Hamilton
@ Winnipeg
home to Montreal
@ Montreal

If Montreal clinches 1st early, those last games could be easier for Toronto.

I just wanna see them beat Montreal for once! Beat the Argos, natch, beat the Eskis for the game yesterday and we're good to go.

Scary thought.

Montreal's last 5 games are

home to Calgary
home to Winnipeg
@ Hamilton
@ Toronto
home to Toronto

We need Calgary to beat them again. That should be a game worth watching.

Boy, now that I see the remaining games, it's really important we beat the Als if we want that home playoff game.

And that Hamilton @ Toronto game will be huge.

This stretch should show us what this team is made of.

it's going to be interesting.

Only question marks I see with Montreal is Calvillo healthy, I don't think they want to back into the post season. However having McPherson in didn't hurt them against us. Yep, got to agree should be good at least the Argos would have to win one more game than the Cats based on seaon record to take 2nd spot.

Preferably in our last meeting of the year, in the eastern final. :thup:

I think the league should cut the season to 17 games with the playoffs returning to a two game total point count for the eastern and western finals. :rockin:

Better yet, go real old school, with the eastern final being two game total point and the western final being best of three. That way, there's a chance of the western teams beating each other up and the winner being exhausted for the Grey Cup game after haveing just played four days earlier. (Can we say 1967?) :twisted:

I remember that 1967 Grey Cup smackdown; Hamilton winning 24-1 over Sask. OUCH. I was a Stampeder fan back then, so the East winning over the West didn't bother me too much.

You can watch the entire 1967 Grey Cup game on youtube... :thup:

17 games would mean half the teams have 8-9 home-away games and the other half has 9-8 home away games. Meaning half the teams get more home field advantage than the others. Although it could be balanced out in the long term, on a seasonal basis, the standings could end up biased toward the teams with more home advantage.

Including the pre-game show, ceremonial kick-off by the Governor-General, half-time show, commercials.

Fascinating how the game has changed. Two returners back on punts. Quick kicks on 2nd and long - two in the game. Lancaster attempting the bomb every chance he could. (He's probably still doing that on His team.) No blocking at all on punt returns. Small, fast safety (Henley, of course); no safety blitzing. Two- and even three-back sets. Not nearly as much motion. Real tight-ends. Piling on (sometimes called), but no dirty hits.

And suits and fedoras everywhere.

But some things never change. Defence rules. It was mentioned in the broadcast that Hamilton had not allowed a touchdown in their last five games, and they only allowed one point in this one (on one of those quick kicks, actually). How do we get back to that?