Wimbledon - the semi-final that never ends

Isner and Anderson now pushing 6 hours tied at 19 - 19 in the 5th set. Djokovic and Nadal still waiting in the wings to play the other semi-final whenever this marathon ends.

Massive match between the two giants of pro tennis.

Should be noted too that Canuck Milos Raonic is definitely a lumbering giant but Milos is at least 5 inches shorter than the 6'10" American Isner - and 3 inches shorter than Kelvin Anderson of SA.

Milos has a monster serve but its not quite in the same league as these two monsters.

Still think Joker or Nadal will take out the eventual winner - even if they play 5 sets PLUS themselves.

Anderson is really, really good - the torment he inflicted upon legendary Roger Federer was impressive as all git out!!!

Anderson finally wins 26 - 24 in the 5th set. 6hrs. 35 minutes.

Well - I think Anderson will still be the big underdog tomorrow morning against Djolovic after his 6.5 hour marathon on Friday. But Anderson’s chances were given a huge boost by the length of the Nadal - Djokovic match today when there match that was suspended after 3 hours last night dragged on for about another 2.5 hours today.

And Djokovic has not played that well this season - so there is a chance.

I’ll likely watch the first set before flipping to the World Cup and PVR the rest.

On the women’s side today - well done Kerber - but nothing but respect for Serena Williams. To get to the final coming back from child birth was incredible. And she also showed such grace and class in losing to Kerber too. Just outstanding.

The sportsmanship at this year's event has been superlative (to use a british term)

Serena has come a long way since playing the heavy villainess, threatening Asian lineswomen w/ bodily harm and being ultra-temperamental on-court. She's a solid sportswoman - has time for media, fans, really respected by her peers (Kerber had nothing but nice things to say about Serena).

However, at age 35, her priorities have changed. She's got a child in tow - how about another by 37? So I have to believe (against the majority I'm sure) her best days are behind her. She's as much an international celebrity as a top tennis pro. Money is not a problem. I still think she'll be Top 3 to 5 next couple years - but when she gets on a roll and lands a Grand Slam final - she'll be up against a younger and just as wickedly talented girl (like Kerber today, could be Muguruza tomorrow, could be Kvitova, Madison Keyes, etc.) could overpower her.

I do think she'll play on for balance of 2018, all of 2019 and portions of 2020 before taking out her shoe phone and making the call. The call to retire - or just show up for major events.

Perhaps 1 more major left in that 35 to 37 yr old body. She's an amazing athlete, perhaps best ever - but time takes its toll. Another couple minor nicks combined with ageing and giving birth and more than just Kerber will have their way with Serena.

As for Kerber - she's got 3 majors now - she's the great german superstar after Steffi Graf and she's not quite 30. I can see Kerber getting the career grand slam (she needs the French open now) and perhaps 5 to 7 majors before retiring. That certainly puts her up into Top 10 of all-time w/ monsters like Serena, Venus, Margaret court, Martina, Chrissy Evert, Billie Jean, Graf, etc. but she'll have to get at least 6 or 7 majors under her belt before major consideration is given.

A dud of a final with Djokovic winning is 3 straight sets in just 2 hours 19 minutes over a worn out Anderson.

It is amazing to see what a cliff men's tennis falls off after Novak Djokovic...

  • Federer is the best ever.
  • Nadal is fantastic - especially on clay.
  • Novak Djokovic is terrific.

After that, you have a decade(+) of "meh".

I guess the same thing could be said about Serena Williams but I believe she is a "freak of nature" - meant in a good way. She is in a league by herself and it's not because of a lack of talent on the women's side.