wiltshire injury

Any word on Wiltshire's condition? Done for year? Career?

Anyone send the tape to the League office? Impending fine/suspension for Nik Lewis?

a) Out for year, possibly longer given his age,
b) Why would a tape be sent?
c) See b)

.....see, I didn't like the hit either, Lewis should have, could have, who knows, we're not there on the field, but maybe gone higher....but he didn't....but here is the important part: the block is legal.....legal, dariderfan.....that means there is no reason to send a tape or cry foul to the league office.....it's been what? four days since the game, have you heard a EE player/coach say the hit was bad?.....no.....so you should do your homework now, it's getting late....

Out for the year, and his career is most definitely over as he was already pondering retirement after last the last grey cup. I don't care if the hit was legal or not, you don't go down at someone's knees like that! Great job Nik Lewis, you ended a career...and managed to make an ass of yourself after hotdogging around a track, and losing!

Nik Lewis has been classless since I first noticed him last year. Very Terrell Owens like in behaviour. This guy is definitely a rotten apple in the Stampeders organization. Accidents happen but he should still be ashamed of himself enough after ending Wiltshire's career to end his ridiculous endzone dances.