Willy to Toronto for DB and 2 picks, THEN Glenn to Wpg

Bombers traded Willy to Toronto for TJ Heath, 2017 First Rd and 2018 3rd Rd.


Alouettes trade Glenn to Winnipeg for 2018 4th Rd.

Time for the Argos to say goodbye Ricky Ray I would say. At least after this season. Just injured too often and too much other talent available.

On paper this is a steal for the bombers - as Droop Willy appeared to wash out of the bomber system and PLOP (Lapolice) no longer had confidence in him (except the obligatory media hink)

Heath can fortify the bomber defensive backfield as Chris Randle & Johnny "Sizzle" Adams appear kinda fragile. A 1st rounder next year will prolly end up being 3rd to 6th overall, combined with an estimated own pick of 4th to 7th)

Field Mouse Glenn can't carry an offense but with PLOP in his ear he'll be serviceable as an insert if Nichols goes down; but obviously KG isn't long-term.

Unless there's a salary keep on the q - bombers also create a bit of extra cap space by transferring Willy's full-load balance of contract.

Only hope for Willy is he'll be able to resusicate his dismal career in Toronto under the tutelage of a notorious QB-whisperer in Milanovich.

Barker appears to have been semi-fleeced; especially after Dan Lafaveour vegetabled a very good Hamilton defense today. But its obvious Toronto has no faith in Ricky Ray anymore - even if he's only out 3 or 4 weeks. Ray will make a good QB coach next year - unless he's desperate to finagle another $400k by some desperate CFL outfit.

Hey, long time no see, Aerial. Glad you're back (or were you never gone?).

About Ray, you might be right. We'll have to see how LeFevour and/or Willy fare the rest of this season. He may end up as a back up mentor for a few seasons before full retirement.

The Bombers absolutely fleeced the Argo's in this trade. A 1st and 3rd rounder and the Argo's best DB !

It does seem like quite a steep price, especially in light of LeFevour's performance tonight. :oops:

Not sure why a DB had to be involved, the Bombers are overflowing at the position????

As I stated before the argos figured out Ricky Ray was damaged goods. They need a back up to Lafavour - and Willy fits the bill. But it will be strange sight to see the bomber's highest paid man in an argo's uniform this Friday at IGF.

Heath is a very good DB and bombers have a couple (or more) nagging injuries to their defensive backfield. But he's 29 and the track record of import CFL DBs over 30 isn't great. The rider site is full of sickos guessing the over/under on when Heath submits his retirement papers - but I for one think he'll move to Winnipeg to work in Richie Hall's broken umbrella D.

What were the Argonauts and Jim Barker thinking? They gave up a huge amount for a quarterback who has lost a step this season. Unless they think Milanovich can revive Willy's career, they got totally hosed.

Glenn should have been traded to Edmonton to complete the CFL circuit. :wink: On the plus side, Glenn's number 5 is available..

Would like to hear Barker's explanaition on this. More specifically the timing after a pretty solid performance by Lefevour today. Didn't think there was a rush for this.

We got royally fleeced.

They gotta be moving a Heath to another eastern team.....

CFL News ?@CFL_News 18m18 minutes ago
#Bombers have since clarified... trade for Kevin Glenn is for their fourth rounder from 2017, not 2018. #CFL #AlsMTL

MTL may not be finished yet

Herb Zurkowsky
The trade of Kevin Glenn is potentially related to the salary cap. Been told they're still $300,000 over the cap.

Who's $300,000 over the cap Herbie? Winnipeg or Montreal?

I suspect bombers will be hinking to sacrifice one of their 1st rounders - to pay the penalty for being over!

Not smart money management by Walters - but his hands were tied after all but guaranteeing a mope like Willy's 2016 contract. . . . . and then having to pay starter's bonuses to Matt Nichols.

I think bomber fans would prefer a playoff spot (even with a 1st round exit) than cutting to cap and not having much reserve depth. . . . . and finishing bottom 3 again!

So in the end the Bombers traded Drew Willy and a 4th rounder for the Argos 1st rounder, 3rd rounder and Heath plus Montreal's Kevin Glenn. Damn that Walters is a ninja assassin.

I suspect this will not be the last trade for the Bombers. Heath is being added to the deepest secondary in the league so we may witness a trade of Heath or one of the other secondary to Saskatchewan or Hamilton - two teams with awful secondaries!

It’s Montreal who is $300,000 over. Apparently, the guaranteed money to Willy is much ado about nothing as much of it was performance-driven. This was confirmed a week or so ago. Looks like Walters has managed things well over there. Corky take a lesson!

The Last Word

Lefevour played well, deserves another shot next game however with this trade he may not get it which is a shame.
Reminds me of the Hamilton situation.

Perhaps, the assumption is that Willy has more years left than older Glenn in their football careers? A few years ago, Toronto was a quarterback factory with Collaros and Harris. But keeping everyone was impossible. Odd to see Toronto trading for a quarterback now.

Lafavour volunteered to purchase Willy's bus ticket from Wpg. to Toronto - and Sgt. Bilko (Barker) almost fell for it!

I suspect Lafavour starts - Willy will arrive Monday in Toronto and won't have enough practice time to master more than a portion of Milo's offense!

I hope this officially spells the end for Ray as he is done.