Willy to the Argos

Don't know about this trade. Barker gives up a good defensive back in Heath, plus a 1st and 3rd rounders in the next springs draft.
Willy is an overpaid back up, and Barker over paid Winnipeg for him. Winnipeg gets Glenn for a 4th rounder. I think Glenn is a better passer than Willy.
I don't know if Willy is making the rumored 400,000, but if he is, it raises the question why Barker wouldn't give Collaros or Harris (both better QB's) that kind of money. Everybody knows that Ricky Ray is injury prone now at this stage of his career, and would spend half the year on the IR. So why not give Harris the money knowing that Ray would almost certainly spend part of the year on the IR one way or another. Keep a good DB and their top draft pick. :x

With Ray on the DL, does his salary count against the cap?

Talk about a slap in the face...LeFevour and Heath both earn "Game Balls" and the "Brain Trust"(sic) bring in another QB and with much fanfare announce that HE is going to have a long career in TO.

And, they trade away Heath, on his birthday, a career game with 2 interceptions.

Congratulations to LeFevour , the Argos and their fans on a well deserved win, but seriously, Barker needs to go. He is doing little to help the Argos fill seats with moves and timing like this.

I would just love to be a "fly on the wall" when they were told the news...particularly after seeing the video of the "Game Ball" presentation. :roll:

He deal was all but done before yesterday's game had kicked off.

Had Barker waited until after the game and LeFevour been brutal, the price for Willy would have skyrocketed.

So you think if Montreal had waited a little longer they could have got a 3rd instead of a 4th for Glenn. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Barker must have been bidding against himself, to give up a 1st and 3rd for Willy.

I heard today that Milo and Barker had eyes on Willy for a long while. REALLY?? Milo believes he can turn Willy's career around and create a star. Man I don't know what they see but I guess it better be more then they saw in Kilgore.
I hope Fajardo, Lefavour and the young new guy will be the qb's of the future if Ray is reaching the end. Anyway you cut it Fajardo and the new young guy look like very good prospects.

Well Willy lived up to his expectations today. You can't make an inaccurate passer into an accurate one with Coaching. You either have it or you don't have it. Willy doesn't have it. Maybe if he could run he could get by as that would open up the defensive back field. Right now the receivers are getting smothered as they QB is no threat to run.
Barker and Milanovich may have run their course in Toronto. That assistant GM Brock Sutherland in Ottawa seems to be an up and coming guy. Maybe it is time to go another direction.

Milanovich was handed Calvillo in Montreal (though technically he was never the OC, that was Trestman), Barker then hands him Ricky Ray, Zach Collaros, and Trevor Harris in Toronto, and he decides to stick with the aging future Hall of Famer, instead of keeping one of Harris or Collaros. Then Milanovich decides that the Argonauts don’t need a proven back-up in 2016 because Ray will return to form… he didn’t and Ray’s career as a CFL starter is finished, actually it was finished in 2014 IMO. Then the “genius” Milanovich decides to go with Kilgore (who sucks) and two noodle arm QB’s (LeFevour and Willy).

Yup this is the guy Argonauts fans really want as their HC, OC, and QB Coach. /sarcasm

One correction: Milanovich was OC in Montreal in name. Trestman called the plays, and as time wore on, Milanovich was put in charge of the run game (i.e. he dialed up the run play if Trestman called one).

But yeah, what Toronto has chosen to do over the past year is baffling. Letting Collaros go when you have Harris is one thing. Letting Harris go with nobody proven behind him and an aging, injury-prone Ray? Not smart. I wonder if Milanovich thought that Ray would be as durable as Calvillo, playing past the age of 40 without missing much in the way of game time. If he did think that, he was wrong. At one time, I thought Ray would eventually break Calvillo's passing records, but he's broken down now and has missed too much time in the past couple of years.

Also Milo is so stuck in his ways. He lets Durie and Coombs rot on the sidelines. No return game all year. Same old same old LAME O.

I firmly believe that Barker things so highly of himself that he can always dig through the football rubble to find gems. Well he just cut four of his so called gems. WTFF?

As far as Ray is concerned you need the best O line in the league to protect him. Calvillo always had great ones in front of him.

Well let's see who Barker finds to replace these guys. I still say bring back Jeremy Gallon from Michigan and Shane Williams-Rhodes from Boise St who got cut in camp. Both played great in college. Smaller all heart type of guys. Both can return as well.

That’s true. But also, Calvillo was a much more durable quarterback than Ray. Rarely missed time with significant injuries and kept himself in top shape in the latter part of his career. I can get letting Collaros walk, because you guys had Harris and at that time Ray was in better shape health-wise. But letting Harris go last year, AFTER it was clear that Ray had all the robustness of a piece of hand-blown glass? Utterly baffling.

I can just see it now. Argo fans after suffered through most of the game on Monday chanting "PULL WILLY. PULL WILLY" or "YANK THAT WILLY". I know if I were there I'd be yelling it.

Willy will have great coverage … safe football. :expressionless:

Willy needs to go....along with Milanovich

Tomorrows headline to read ' Milanovich Yanked His Beloved Willy'

So juvenile

Stupid jokes and humour keep you young.

Willy shriveled up and couldn't penetrate.

Oh my that is just crude humour. I'm beside myself and the lord is watching. You must pray for yourself and god might forgive you.

Amen, but it was the God’s truth, not humour brother.