Willy to Bummers

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[b]WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers acquired quarterback Drew Willy from the Grey Cup-champion Saskatchewan Roughriders for Canadian receiver Jade Etienne on Thursday.

Willy was scheduled to become a free agent next week but has signed an extension with the Bombers, the CFL club announced.

The move comes after Winnipeg lost out to the Ottawa Redblacks for the services of veteran free-agent Henry Burris.

Willy doesn’t have a lot of experience with a 2-2 record in his two seasons with the Roughriders. He joins Max Hall and Justin Goltz to compete for the Winnipeg starter’s job.

The six-foot-three, 215-pound Willy was 32-of-52 passing last season for 474 yards and four touchdowns.

Winnipeg GM Kyle Walters says the Bombers have always thought Willy had a lot of potential and view his acquisition as an upgrade at quarterback.[/b]

Kevin Glenn's value just came down somewhat.

Nice move by Winnipeg's GM to trade for a player with 5 days left on his contract.

We should make some deals with this fellow quickly.

Why? Is there anyone on that team that you'd actually want?

They've extended him already.

Guess what ? Rider fans think this is an awesome deal !

To me, I think the Bombers were getting a little worried about letting yet another QB FA hit the open market & risk not being able to sign him/them.

Etienne was to become a FA in 5 days as well. He’s a Regina kid. Perhaps WPG knew they weren’t going to resign him. So might as well get something for him. Same goes for Willy. SSK knew they weren’t going to resign him, so might as well get something.

Both teams got something in return for their pending FA’s and received some time to negotiate exclusively with their newly acquired FA before others can make competing offers. WPG has already resigned/extended Willy. I’m guessing Etienne will do the same in Regina soon.

It's a shame Drew Willy and Buck Pierce did not both play for the same team at the same time.

They would have had one of the all-time great porn-name combos of any QB tandem.

Wow, was there anyone left to grab at QB? I mean Kevin Glenn is still a RedBlack but he probably wants out now but probably not interested in rejoining the Bumbers, so that left Willy and I mean Drew not Wiarton Willie?

I think the Bummers should've gone all out to sign Collaros instead. If Willy is still in the league two years from now I'll be surprised. I just don't see the same upside that Collaros has. I see Willy as no more than a stopgap measure. They still need a QB.

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