Willy, Riders only hope to win the cup

That is, him playing Saturday in B.C.. Durant seems to have gone off the rails again and needs to watch another from the sidelines to figure things out again. Last time it worked out O.K. with Durant comming back and playing well enough that they won 5 of 6. Reminds me of the Huffnagel /Barnes era when one would sit for a bit and then come back and light it up for a while, until they got to complacent again, and needed another wake up call on the bench to watch and figure it all out again, then come back and produce.

Durant did his part last game to put them in a position to win the game. DeAngelis left 5 points on the field. Dressler left 2 points on the field, and had another costly drop which, at the very least has them in Field Goal range.

Sorry to say this yet again, as long as DD is at the helm, we will never win a GreyCup. We need a consistant QB. Willy is a few years away yet.

DD's glaring issue last game was the slow start. 3-4 two and outs made the defence play an aweful lot. All of those two and outs weren;t DD's fault. But he's the commander on the offense.

After that the offense got going a little bit. DD did his part. He was accurate with throws and he doesn;t drop the ball! DeAngelis missed points. The only area I fault the offense and DD was a dreadful 1st quarter.

And we mention an O-line that couldn;t handle 3 man rush. DD felt the pressure and had to speed everything up. Ricky Ray was afforded too much time and picked us apart.

Overall incosistentcy is the problem. When all the rowers are in unison................you win. When they aren't.............you don;t.

DD is part of the problem but he certainly is not the problem.

I’ve seen a lot less consistent QBs win cups. Marcus Crandell. Tom Burgess. Kerry Joseph. Mike Kerrigan.

Durant is having a career year. He’s had like 3 bad games all year. That’s a career low and way better consistency than Burris this year or last, tyvm. He has 12 picks. That’s a career low. The only pick he threw last week only happened because there was 30 seconds left in the game down by 6 points and chased out of the pocket. He’s doing everything that the fans and critics are asking him to do. He’s a leader. He’s a warrior. He never quits. He’s not Anthony Calvillo but he’s pretty damn good. To say that he’ll never win a GC is absolutely preposterous.

Sorry man but I disagree!
only bright side after 5 years at helm his int. rate is way down, just can’t finnish!

As for Anthony Calvillo , still the best QB in the league IMO.

Funny your making him sound a bit like Pierce. Heart may not translate to GCs. I like him but standing back like a coach should you need to evaluate production. Time for him to sink or swim.

After watching JT O'Sullivan play last week, I think he gives us a better shot at winning then Willy. I would really like to see O'Sullivan with the starting recievers on the field as well as Sheets.

Both JT and Willy will generally do better with the 2nd stringers because that is who they practice with.

JT did look good in the last game. The RG was a huge concern the entire game!

I’m not so sure about that. There were a few drops that could have resulted in more points scored.

And DD has not been the victim of a ridiculous amounts of drops lately? I really only saw 2 catchables not brought in in this game, and one was not a drop per say.

I'm sure our Head Coach is smart enough to figure if DD is having a bad day at the Office he will pull him,if that is the case then so be it, but up till that moment let's just all get along 8)

Touche. That said they are still the starters for a reason.

DD knows the pressure is building for him to lead the team to a GC. Next year especially with the GC in Regina.

So if the receiving corps is weak with a revolving door for the bottom 3 or 4 slots, and the defense has trouble getting two and outs, Durant is a bum because the team can’t win or even get to the big one?