Willy on the move?????

......Seems like we've been approached by T.O. to see if we have any interest in trading Willy to them for???????we don't know.....Milanovitch is a little worried about Rays health I guess they want some insurance come playoff time...orrrr just trying to make the playoffs if Ray goes down again....Apparently they are prepared to pay Willy 400,000 big ones..hmmmmmmmm..Looking at it from both clubs perspective it might work....We get rid of a big contract and could get a quality player in return...I'm sure Mike O still follows what goes on in argoland talent wise and we might be able to snag a decent player??..The only part I'd be worried about is the fact we'd be giving T.O. depth in a solid back-up/could be starter, and sacrificing ours...Davis and Bennett are largely unproven so that makes me a little nervous...IF Nichols gets nic'd we could be behind the eight ball....Interesting events and I haven't a clue on how this one is going to go..or if Walters would entertain this at all????Stay tuned