Willy on board for Jade

…Deal just made…guess we weren’t going to take any chances…I hope they signed him to a contract before we made this deal or it’s not going to be good… :roll:

…Scrap that…Willy extended…Jade not so much…fa for fa…works for me,

Willy already signed an extension

Farhan Lalji ?@FarhanLaljiTSN 6m

#Bombers get their QB. Drew Willy traded to Wpg for rec Jade Etienne. Willy signs extension. #CFL

Do you have ANY Canadian receivers left?

well done Blue…

...let me see...Watson, Foster, and with Kohlert coming back and picking up one in fa...maybe??

Watson, Brescacin, Brett Carter and Taylor Renaud. It’s believed Kohlert who we lost in the expansion draft will resign once FA starts. Last years draft pick Stephen Alli apparently they’re working on getting up here.

I would expect they try resign Akeem Foster or go after a NI R FA next week as well.

Interesting they pull the trigger now. I wonder if negotiations with Etienne weren’t going well and they figured they’d lose him to Sask in FA anyway, and seeing as how they wanted Willy, maybe they just made something happen in trade that would’ve happened in FA anyway.

Interesting that the oft criticized draft pick that Mack made of Etienne has now netted you a QB.

I think it was done this way because another team was in the mix. Bombers lost Reilly in a reversal of this last year. I think it was well played

It's a good deal, Etienne never showed much, certainly not anything to justify picking him as high in the draft as Mack did.

So now, for the Bombers' sake, we have to hope that Willy turns out to be as good as some thing he will.

Certainly can't be any worse than Hall or Goltz, can he?

Finally. Good job, Miller!

so where's the local media articles commenting on the trade? It took just minutes after Burris signed in Ottawa to blast the bombers? Wiecek, where are you now?

Time for you guys to celebrate. Forget the media.

Now the next question becomes: how effectively can Winnipeg protect Willy in the pocket? Will the Bombers make a pitch for Josh Bourke? ...

I think Pascucci has the first report out

[url=http://globalnews.ca/news/1133272/bombers-trade-for-quarterback/]http://globalnews.ca/news/1133272/bombe ... arterback/[/url]

And, yes, it is time to break out the good Scotch.

edit: actually that's the Bomber's press release.

...well we won't exactly celebrate yet...not until Willy shows us he can give this team the respectability it needs at qb....cautious optimism ..but it's a start....Now when are the redblacks going to release Glenn ?:lol:

Given how they announced the extension for Willy at the same time as the trade, they must have been talking to him the last day or two. The quick resigning certainly will help to dispel the building notion that players don't want to come here a bit.

hmm.... again not that Penton is that greatly in the know but...

Packerbacker ?@qcowboy4 4m

@PentonKirk like the trade but we won't be starting two CDN receivers anymore n with Muamba gone where are we going to find 7 CDN starters?

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 3m

.@qcowboy4 #Bombers very likely re-signing Rory Kohlert and Walters told me yesterday he'd like three starting Cdn receivers.

Congratulations ! I really like this guy. Stands tall in the pocket, has a big arm and is always looking downfield. If Danny can show him how to let go of the ball quick like he did. You might have a steal.

He seems to get along pretty good with Walters and Miller. Of course the last thing you want is Miller chasing you through the concourse. We aren't talking Adam Rita here :lol:

Hallelujah ! AND as some of the guys here have suggested, is KG far behind ? If he isn't, then we still will be in good shape.

....with our ni receiving corps getting a little thin, I expect Walters to go all out for Rory to come back...Wait a minute...has he really left??maybe on paper .. We have/had a contract ready to be signed, that was drawn up before the dispersal..You know, before Desjardins said he wasn't going to look at any fas' (yeah right)..I think the Ottawa gm is going to get burned on this one..We shall see shortly :wink: