WILLY is a better option at QB than Durant-

Not withstanding one of the worst performances in CFL history by a QB today by DURANT its clear that DREW WILLY is the future of this franchise-

I will give DURANT a free pass for looking like a CIS QB today, and having no composure and just basically handing the game to MTL on so many occasions- I have never seen an offense so bad that would have actually done better if they just ran the ball on 1st down and PUNTED on 2nd down- No doubt in my mind they would have beat MTL that way--

SASK has a good receiving core and a great running back- However this is the main issue- IF DURANT is going to stand in the pocket, as you saw today he is one of the weakest QBS in the CFL- Durant is not a pocket QB- HE cannot read the defense, he has possibly the worst touch I have ever seen by a QB- He just doesent understand where the pressure is coming from and how to go through his reads--

DREW WILLY on the other hand can actually understand what the defenses are doing and is a better pocket passer- Durant is not mentally tough and as you saw today is NOT IMPROVING- The entire league knows that DURANT is in love with the deep ball, the DEEP CORNER to DRESSLER OR GETZLAF- Take that away and you take away most of his passing game--

With teams like CGY and TORONTO and BC out there, its clear that DURANT cannot get it done vs these teams- Durant is just not a good QB period-

Now I think that WILLY is a better option- he is young, he can improve, he has touch, the 1 start he played he looked very comfortable and has a better arm and throwing ability than DURANT--

It was laughable at one point where MTL would rush 2 guys and drop 10 in coverage DARING DURANT to figure out where the open guy was and he checked down to SIMON and overthrew him by 10 yards when he was standing all alone on the sidelines-

Durants body language today was a joke- he was rattled all game long and couldnt do anytihng expect hand the game over to MTL-- This type of play will not beat CGY this season again--

ALso notes-- CHAMBLIN better start learning how to coach- This performance vs a injury depleted ALS team using a QB who hasnt even had any meaningful reps is cause for concern--

If CGY was in the same situation would HUFNAGEL have his team totally unprepared to play tonight? Would Huffnagel leave an OBVIOUSLY RATTLED QB in the game after its clear he is throwing passes backwards and just pretty much lost his mind out there?
Chamblin I am telling you guys will be exposed for the FRAUD of a head coach he is--

ALso who is the secondary coach- HAVE THEY HEARD OF A FORM TACKLE? None of the secondary guys except for Anderson know how to tackle- THey just HIT GUYS and try to body check them instead of wrapping the player up and tackling them-

Either way the bottom line is that SASK will never win a GREY CUP with Durant at the helm- He is not a champion- He is not getting better- he is getting worse- HIs ball security is a major concern, and he can easily be rattled early on and then he goes into the tank-

All in all this was one of the worst performances by a head coach (CHAMBLIN) QB (DURANT) and CORTEZ) who couldnt make any adjustments at all today)

Troll. The guy has 17 TD passes to 0 INTs.



Oh by the way guru, there is no cure for upside down disorder :stuck_out_tongue:

Somebody delete this thread PLEASE????

Nah...let him go down in flames a bit...he brought it on himself...

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I read about 3 sentences of this, which in hindsight is 3 too many. My suggestion to you, go have a drink (or if you wrote this under the influence, about 12 more). I feel sorry that you wasted probably 10 minutes of your life writing that nonsense.

...eight of those ten minutes were likely used trying to figure out which overly important words to emphasize by capitalizing...

I stopped reading here, as it is obvious the rest of this is idiotic and 100% without merit.

Yeah the statement of someone who watched their first game on Aug 17 2013.
Wait that would mean Neiswander had a better game.......

We as Rider fans are lucky, when our QB has one of the worst games by any professional QB he still manages to throw for 250 yards, with 2 tds, no interceptions, 18 yards rushing, but did have 2 fumbles that were lost, and also leads our team to victory! I bet there are a few teams in this league that would only wish for their QB to do that on an average night, let alone on the worst performance in CFL history.

Now I know DD didn’t have a good game today. But he still went out there and drove the ball down the field to tie the game! The guy is still having an unreal season, and I am not going to let a game and a half of bad football let me forget that! Give your head a shake troll!

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I'm not ready to throw DD to the curb either, roughtime. I was disappointed in his performance yesterday. I thought he had plenty of time to throw the ball on several occasions but still managed to overthrow his receivers way too often. He did battle back and I give him credit for that but he really needs to start getting out of the pocket and be more consistent on his throws. That said, it was one not so good game for DD and he has been great thus far.

Last week was not DD fault, the D was at fault, they played bad, yes DD had a really bad game, and was not a fan of his or believed he would ever be a great QB, but this season he proved me wrong, He is way better than Willy at this point, and I expect he will play better from here on, This team needs to have 4 solid 1/4's but have not done so all season, yet they still come out on top. Calgary have a good team so not surprising we lost in Cowtown. These comments are just crazy from Guru.
We are 6-1 and on top for now, lots of season left!!

I feel like this clown and a few fans of other teams have been waiting for us to slowndown juat for an excuse to rip us. Compared to the way we were dismantling teams in the first 5 weeks we have slowed but what do hou expect??? Football is a game of adjustments. It was gonna happen sometime. Better now than week 16. The slow performance doesn’t dictate that this team is bad, just an off day. People can say all they want like “I saw this coming” or “the riders arent as good as you thought” its week 8. Lots of football left. Lots of adjusting left. Way I see it we’re 6-1 and have a solid core with solid coaching we’ll be fine. Haters gonna hate trolls gonna troll

You sure put a lot of effort into showing how little you understand football. How embarrassing for you! LOL

If all y'all check Guru's post history, you'll understand why you should pretty much immediately disregard what he says. Seriously...do it. It goes back a few pages, but it's pretty much all the same schtick, starting with ripping on Lulay a couple years back, if I recall correctly.

The bar has been set pretty low to be considered a "guru".

Now if you all don't mind, I'm in the middle of being a "couch guru".

I'd bet that moniker fits you infinitely better than Gridiron's does. :stuck_out_tongue:

I consider myself a beer and pretzel guru