Willy got Whacked!!

Wow, Willy got Whacked again by the Tiger-Cats this time 38-8, his health insurance must be running out soon after two games against the tabbies both games Willy has come away injured. I hope he's okay looked more like a knee injury this time instead of concussion the first time but he must be feeling rough every time he plays the Cats?

Good game for the Tiger-Cats and they keep the winning record alive at THF opposite of the Riders on the losing record this year Ha-ha.


...wow, celebrating a player's injury...sad...

Nowhere did BigCat celebrate Willy's injury.
He celebrated the win.

He even said , " I hope he is ok "

Total misread.

...maybe not 'celebrate', but certainly gleeful, I don't know if BIGCAT is popping champagne or not, anyways his footnote to his giddiness was crass all the same...all he talked about in the entire first paragraph was Willy's injury, and health insurance, and how his cats dealt with him...

...then followed it up with a shot at the riders who were not even playing today...but I'm okay with that...

The entire Bombers team got Willy Whacked by the Cats big time. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

...careful there Earl, the Modesty Meter registered that one.... :twisted:

Well this forum would be no fun if everyone agreed on everything.

He still said " I hope he is ok " That has to count, right ?

..I'm sure he'll include a full recovery for Drew Willy's injuries in his prayers tonight...

Yeah, I'm going to say not cool man.

Hope Willy makes a speedy recovery. Too many QBs going down this season.

Respectfully disagree. BigCat's actual words may not have (technically) celebrated what happened to Drew Willy, but his "tone" sure did.

I agree. He did not celebrate injury. He celebrated Ti Cat pass rush and still hoped that Willy was ok.

However, he did take a dig at Sask even tho they had nothing to with the game today. He had to get that in.

KP2, perhaps, he could have used more sensitive wording.

Whacked was not the best choice.

I like BigCat , hope DW, is ok and back soon . I do not like all these stars we are loosing.

Not just the stars, all positions.

Willie is a star and a class guy.

They showed the injury in slow mo and I had to turn away.

I know injuries are part of the game, but no more please.

Also wishing for a quick and full recovery for Willy, hate to see that happen to any player. I should have mentioned that immediately, not good on my part. :oops:

Yes, Redandwhite I wish nothing but the best for Willy in his return to health again, as I said and you obviously misread, was that the Tiger-Cats have played Winnipeg twice this year and both times Willy has been injured and the Cats won both times decicivly.

All this from what the TSN crew were saying was a revamped O-Line of Winnipeg this year, in both games the Cats have found ways to get through to the QB with 5-6 sacks in yesterday's game.

Mike O'Shea probably has nightmares of playing Hamilton at home and away!!


…more that you misspoke rather than I misread… :stuck_out_tongue:

During yesterday's game, and remembering what happened in the first game between these teams, I kept thinking that it was Winnipeg's offense to blame for all the trouble for Willy. The Tiger-cats defence can be very aggressive when it wants to be, and when they smell blood - look out!
Winnipeg HAS to make adjustments when this stuff occurs.

And yes, the league is much better with Willy behind centre, so here's hoping for a quick recovery. He seems quite tough. :thup: