Willy Gets Castrated

Sorry, my immaturity couldn`t help it.

Herb Zurkowsky?

No great surprise, but I’m told #AlsMTL released @Drew_Willy yesterday. At one time early last season he was their starting QB
6:27 AM - 28 Dec 2018

With a potential CFL QB shortage - BLM likely headed to the NFL, Collaros and Bridge unlikely to return in Sask. - the likely result being QB musical chairs, I can see Willy being picked up by someone as a backup.

Not a big surprise. Limp Willy limps out of town.

Apparently Sherman and Reed played Rock, Paper, Cisor and Willy was paper and he won.

what is cisor?

Not sure how this fits in that game

Wee Willy.

Oh, it’s probably the way he prefers to spell ‘scissor’.